The Queen of Everything vs. The Politically and Factually Incorrect

The Queen of Everything vs. The Politically and Factually Incorrect

Adrienne BoettingerMonday,10 August 2015

My concerns over the state of education in America, specifically when it comes to civics and biology, are heightened by Donald Trump’s political circus and the astute critical thinkers who support this wackmobile. First off, let’s talk about Trump’s appalling lack of understanding of biology. When women menstruate, the blood leaves our uteruses via our vaginas not from our “eyes” or our “wherever.” I’d draw a diagram for him as my 5th grade teacher drew to teach us about our changing bodies but I fear that even that level of science might be too much for his brain to comprehend. And despite what Mr. Trump may think, when blood is coming out of our vaginas, it doesn’t make us treat candidates for the highest office in the land more harshly. If he’d prefer Megyn Kelly or other journalists not question him about the nonsensical, vitriolic, hate-filled lunacy he has said, I’d suggest, very politely, that he shut the fuck up.

And now, let’s take a look at what we’ve been teaching or not teaching in civics over the past few decades to better understand how such a staggering number of seemingly sentient adults think of Trump as a suitable leader. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school but I don’t remember the part where we were taught that asshats with more dollars than sense should be in charge of picking out our pizza toppings let alone running the entire country into the ground.

Donald Trump is a bully. He picks on women, veterans, foreigners, Americans, and above all anyone who dares call him on the things he himself has done and said. His excuse is that if people say negative things about him he can’t ignore that. Why is it that when your 5-year-old uses the “he started it” excuse you don’t buy it but when it comes to Trump that excuse is totally justifiable? He derided Senator John McCain for being a Prisoner of War, gave out Senator Lindsey Graham’s phone number after calling him a “lightweight” and an “idiot,” calls all his opponents and current office holders stupid and weak, thinks all that matters about women is our appearance, refers to African-Americans as “the blacks,” takes credit for ideas not his own and things he never did, and is physically unable to stop talking about how wonderful he is.

For these things, he is heralded by a growing array of people as “saying what’s on his mind” and “never being afraid to tell it like it is.” To his devoted horde, I say respectfully, have you all lost your goddamned minds? When you say you like him because “he tells it like it is” you know that means that you also think POWs didn’t try hard enough? That Mexico willfully sends rapists to the U.S.? That women are only worth as much as our appearance and any time we say anything you don’t like it’s because we’re menstruating? That bullies are right and those who suffer do so because they are weak and deserve it?

I’m sick and tired of “real ‘Muricans” and the 24-hour noose cycle seeking out and mindlessly supporting anything that is labeled “politically incorrect” or proven factually incorrect. When did we as a nation decide that people can say any racist, sexist, classist, hateful slander they want and not only would we tolerate it as free speech we disagree with, but we’d praise it and call it brave? When Sarah Palin said she was experienced in foreign policy because she could see Russia from her house, she was a laughingstock but when Donald Trump says he knows the bulk of unauthorized immigrants (enchantingly referred to as “illegals”) are from Mexico and are rapists because he went to the border and talked to “people,” he is applauded. And this is despite actual evidence that he is wrong at every turn!

My cup of rage runneth over so I will end with this. When I Am Queen of Everything bullies and idiots will be accorded the time and respect they deserve: none. And for the people who praise the actions of idiots and bullies just because they a) have a lot of money and b) give the people targets to hate as excuses why the people’s lives aren’t perfect? They will also get what they deserve and what they’ve been asking for — namely, moved to an authoritarian regime where anyone who criticizes the leader is punished, everyone is bullied for being weak and unimportant, and the national pastime is blaming the rest of the world for all of that nation’s problems. I hear North Korea is lovely this time of year.

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