Mission Impossible: About What You’d Expect

Mission Impossible: About What You’d Expect

Lauren PesinMonday,3 August 2015

The latest movie in the in the Mission Impossible series, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (MI5) marks the fifth installment of the action-packed spy thrillers starring Tom Cruise.

It’s been almost twenty years since the first MI movie came out. Has Tom Cruise aged? Yes. Has he lost his looks, physique, on film charm, or the ability to convince you of the physically impossible? No. Tom Cruise may have a few more lines in the face and perhaps a few more crazy ideas that he acquired going clear, but when it comes to the big screen, he’s still got it. In MI5 he proves he’s not only got it, but he’ll be around for many years to come.

The supporting cast of MI5 includes the ever funny Brit, Simon Pegg; the commanding Alec Baldwin; the always smooth Ving Rhames; the becoming beloved Hawkeye actor, Jeremy Renner; and the token female hottie newcomer Rebecca Ferguson. The cast had a good dynamic, added some laughs, some emotional draw, and intrigue.

Surprisingly, although the female star was very attractive and had the right stuff, they didn’t spend as much time showing naked lady parts, minus the gratuitous “got wet and had to change in front of Cruise with a naked back and black undies” scene. Rebecca was convincing as a fighter and super spy, which made it all the more interesting to keep guessing which side she ultimately would end up on.

The plot was nothing unexpected. Basically the MI IMF peeps were misunderstood and told to stand down; they wanted to prove they were heroes and gosh darn it people should like them; so they blew stuff up, rode fast cars and bikes; destroyed those same cars and bikes; broke into places; and ultimately saved the world from bad people.

As for the now famous and ridiculously improbable action sequences and stunts go, the movie was packed full. I wasn’t disappointed at the action scenes. There was still the need to suspend all that you know about the physical limitations of humans and anything you thought you knew about the physical world, like…gravity. Yet, it’s still fun.

My one complaint is that for me and my co-movie watchers, we all felt the movie was too long. The action (for us) didn’t keep it moving forward in the fast paced heart pumping adrenalin way that great action movies do. I understand you need dialog too, but there was too much downtime for me. Therefore, MI5 gets a good (a solid 3 stars). With all the great reviews and hype, I was really hoping for 4 stars.

Don’t go feeling bad for MI5 or Tom Cruise, with big name actors and the successful box office franchise of Mission Impossible, MI5 really doesn’t even have to be that good to make money.

Magic can happen when you combine good actors, the right pace, creative action, and a massive budget. Although it didn’t happen with MI5, it’s still worth the price of admission.

What did you think of MI5? Did it meet your expectations? Do you look forward to the next Mission Impossible?

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