Listen To: Seapony’s Vision of Dream Pop

Listen To: Seapony’s Vision of Dream Pop

Adriana SaboMonday,3 August 2015

Summer time is when, as the song says, the living is easy. Or, it is that time of the year when you are being slowly cooked in your own juices. Then again, it is the perfect time to relax and enjoy some high quality, easy going dream pop while you sit on a beach (or imagine you are doing so while sitting at home). In any case, Seapony has an album for you. A Vision, the band’s comeback album after a two-year break, will indeed sit well with pop/dream pop lovers, as well as with those who simply like to chill and enjoy the sunshine (or the mind blowing heat, depending on where you are located on this lovely boiling planet of ours). This summer, Seapony brings you layered acoustic guitars, bouncy beats and dreamy vocals, spiced up with meditative and emotional lyrics.

Strongly influenced by indie pop bands like the Softies, Talulah Gosh, and the Field Mice, the Seattle quartet will surely enter your list of favorite bands to listen while barbecuing, or staring in the distance. Jen Weidl, the amazing vocalist of the band said: “When writing songs in the past, we would think about what it would be like to play it live. That affected things, like how many layers we put on a song. For this album, we were going for a more organic sound.” To her, their second album is “about coming to terms with the realities of life, both events that befall you and the true nature of reality. There’s an aspect of mysticism to it.”

The tracks on A Vision are firmly tied together by the same dreamy atmosphere. The album opens with “Saw the Light,” a song that adds that necessary touch of sadness and melancholy that usually follows dream pop. “Bad Dream” continues in the same manner as Weidl sings:

Who knows if tomorrow
Will wash us away
Maybe but we don’t know
If it’s been set into play
You and me in a bad dream

As A Vision goes on, introducing tracks like “Couldn’t Be,” “Everyday All Alone,” “Hollow Moon,””Let Go” and others, one slowly begins imagining the coasts of Seattle and a somewhat sad, thoughtful and beautiful girl gazing at the ocean. She thinks of loneliness, love and loss and, as you begin to pay more attention to the lyrics, a strong feeling of empathy and nostalgia starts filling up your body. Thus, Seapony’s music has a unique effect on the listeners, making us feel a number of emotions all curled up together. The eleven tracks that fill up A Vision  seem to (simply) shed light on different aspects of this ball of emotions. As you move towards the end of the album, you seem to be moving deeper inside someone’s soul, as the songs become more and more emotional. “Go Nowhere,” for example, is a complete tearjerker that will make you want to cry, but will offer comfort at the same time. Same goes for the title track, “A Vision” that finishes the album.

A Vision by the Seapony is an album that must be heard. Its many layers paint a serene picture of a lazy summer day and at the same time, offer a strong, emotional testimony that will touch your heart and push you to do some soul searching.

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