Why Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

Why Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,31 July 2015

As we slowly creep toward the 2016 Presidential election, a lot of “folks” are talking about how they don’t trust elected officials. “Washington” and “career politicians” have the same negative connotations as “executioner” and “pedophile.” For that reason many people are turning to the likes of Donald Trump, who has never served in office nor held an intelligent, civil conversation with anyone who disagrees with him. I wonder if these same “folks” would also like people with no experience in medicine, law enforcement, or electrical work to serve as their doctors, police, or A/C repair persons? But I digress…

The truth is it doesn’t matter if your selected candidate has a metric buttload of experience or is a complete nube. It doesn’t matter if he is a genius or she is a saint. Nor does it matter if he kicks puppies down the stairs or she steals candy from small children. All that matters is that he (usually) or she has the cash to fund a major campaign. The well-funded are the only ones who make it through the 1400-day long campaign slog.

This is a problem that has existed as long as democracy itself though it most certainly became hella worse with the 2010 SCOTUS ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. To radically oversimplify the ruling, the majority Justices said that corporations are the same as people, money is the same as free speech, and the country can’t restrict money or speech from corporations when it comes to how the country elects its leaders.

Recently, my secret-female-silver-fox crush, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, said the Citizens United ruling was the Supreme Court’s biggest mistake. The pint-sized powerhouse was right — of all the Supreme Court decisions that have eroded the democratic process, this was the worst. In terms of the legal and psychological impacts, Citizens United has allowed a minority of insanely wealthy groups to pretty much steal U.S. elections from 99% of the country.

Just because SCOTUS got it so horrifically wrong, it doesn’t mean the voting public has to suffer for all eternity. But to right that wrong, you personally will need to close the Candy Crush, stop reading the latest craziness The Donald is spouting, and take a stand. This isn’t a liberal issue and it isn’t a conservative issue. Campaign finance reform is literally the best thing that could happen to “restore our government to citizens’ control.”

How can YOU make it happen? DEMAND a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and contact your elected representatives to tell them campaign finance reform is your top concern as a voting citizen of this country. Do it now. And do it again every time you see a shady political ad with scary-ass music telling you the person that shady organization hates is the reason for all of your problems. Do it for your friends. Do it for your families. Do it for your children’s children who have yet to be born. Do it for yourself. Or don’t — but then prepare yourself to ceaselessly lament career politicians in the Washington establishment being out of touch with the priorities of real Americans.

The choice is yours.

Take Action!

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