WTF Syfy?

Lauren PesinMonday,27 July 2015

As the popularity of such small screen gems as Sharknado have grown, I’ve started to wonder who thinks of this stuff. At least to some degree, it’s Syfy.

Recently while surfing channels I stopped by the enigmatic Syfy channel to see what oddities have been created of late. In addition to the various creatures mixed together with a twist of natural disasters I just wasn’t sure what Syfy had to offer nowadays. I checked out their 2015 schedule and found the following: Defiance (future post alien invasion Earth show that doesn’t entirely suck), Dominion (apocalyptic supernatural show), Face Off (scary make-up effects competition show), Geeks Who Drink (unscripted game show…or as we knew it back in the day, college), and Lavalantula (lava-breathing tarantula movie, I shit you not). I also found the usual rogues gallery of other series about vampires (sans glitter), ghosts, haunted places and people, demons, space aliens, and magic.

Most of the shows are of poor quality, where acting is seemingly optional, or with the production value of a 6th grade play that your kid isn’t in. In addition, it happens to be smack in the middle of the second annual SHARKNADO WEEK (oh yes, this is a thing), including the feature film, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! The other criminal offerings in the lineup are: Sharktopus Vs. Whale Wolf, 3-Headed Shark Attack, Roboshark, Mega Shark Vs. Kolossus, and Zombie Shark. Really Syfy…do you just throw a friggin dart at some words on the men’s room wall?

What happened to iconic shows like Star Trek? Side note: Someone at Viacom/CBS should put Syfy’s shark obsessed dart down, lay off the sauce and go green light a new Star Trek series. Syfy just seems empty without a Star Trek.

The Stargate (SG) series made for entertaining and often humorous science fiction. The original (SG-1) was by far the best in the SG series, in my opinion mostly due to the cast and characters (mostly Colonel Jack O’Neill and Teal’c). A new non-stupid (I’m looking at you SG-Universe) Stargate would satisfy.

What about Battlestar Galactica? Battlestar Galactica, an award-winning show that continues to gain popularity via video streaming. I’m not so sure they can make another Battlestar Galactica on par with either of the former series, but perhaps they could at least try for a show that isn’t as ludicrous as Robosharks and has a good science fiction story with good actors. I’m just saying it’s not hard to suck less at this point.

Ever since the name change from the Sci Fi Channel to the ever catchy Syfy, the quality of shows and TV movies has been generally ridiculous as proven with the list of titles, particularly those shown in honor of SHARKNADO WEEK.

I’m not claiming that every show or movie on Syfy is crap. I’m just saying it’s almost entirely crap. They should try harder. Someone there must have an original idea (though to be fair…lava spewing tarantula is kinda original if not batshit mental). If they can find, create, or promote shows as classic and entertaining as Star Trek, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica, I think they can find a new classic for the Syfy fans that really want a new science fiction show to make a CON for.

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