This Week in Jackassery, Ep. 11

This Week in Jackassery, Ep. 11

Shane BarnhillFriday,24 July 2015

Are Donald Trump’s antics RAD or BAD? What about Gwyneth Paltrow’s yawing lessons (yes, you read that right) and Sharknado 3? Find out the answers to these questions — and more — in the 11th episode of This Week In Jackassery, where co-hosts Adrienne Boettinger and Shane Barnhill discuss climate change deniers, Donald Trump’s chances, Malala Yousafazi’s new school in Syria, new Chuck Taylor All Star shoes from Converse, and more. Plus, they once again find proof that everything in the world doesn’t suck!

You can listen to the full episode of This Week In Jackassery above, but here are 4 quick takeaways from the show:

1. Rand Paul with a chainsaw? RAD. The odds of Congress getting anything significant done this year? BAD.

2. More than 70,000 rape kits have gone untested across more than 1,000 police departments in the country, and that’s a big problem.

3. Your old, sore feet will soon be thanking Converse.

4. Pretty much everyone who isn’t running against him is dying to see Donald Trump at the first GOP presidential debate. Fire up This Week In Jackassery now, and then hit up TSD, Adrienne and me on Twitter with your comments. And after you listen, please consider sponsoring the next episode of the podcast! Buy your “ticket” to sponsor the next episode:

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