Ant-Man is Cooler Than You Think

Ant-Man is Cooler Than You Think

Lauren PesinMonday,20 July 2015

Being a not-so-closeted comic book nerd, when I hear about a new Marvel movie in production, I get excited and nervous simultaneously. When I first heard about Ant-Man I asked myself, “why?” Of all the kick-ass superheroes running, flying, leaping, swinging and teleporting around the Marvel universe I had to spend some time contemplating this seemingly non-obvious decision by Disney. At first glance, Ant-Man seems like a superhero version of “Honey I Shrunk the Kids.” However, Ant-Man was, in fact, one of the original Avengers.

Since the Avengers, all associated characters, as well as any Marvel hero movies, including the lesser known Guardian of the Galaxy, have all been interwoven into the fabric of our lives, it makes sense that Marvel would pull in Ant-Man. We’ve already seen movies with Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, the Guardians, Black Widow, Falcon, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch. Soon the Fantastic Four will be re-fashioned in addition to the flicks starring Deadpool, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and more on deck over the next 4 years.

All these beloved comic movies are connected. They are connected, not just because we like to wait an extra fifteen minutes after the movie credits roll (though it is exhilarating and informative to know the name of the 2nd shift unit’s gaffer’s son’s dog walker…) in order to see a glimpse at what comes next and get a quick second superhero-inspired laugh. The Marvel movies are truly building a cinematic universe where all the dots eventually will connect and likely end in a grand finale of good vs. evil, brawn, brains, beauty, death, destruction, courage, and ultimate victory. Ant-Man is at the foundation of the central Avengers team. Disney/Marvel never chooses blindly. They do so with purpose, which is why they basically own all the money… or print their own at this point.

Ant-Man doesn’t seem that cool or particularly hunky on the surface, though who does compare to Thor? In addition, ants aren’t especially flashy, cuddly, or dangerous (no offense to the hordes of myrmecologists I’m sure are reading this), and he doesn’t have a remarkable story. Even though all that is true and given that the movie doesn’t tell you about who Ant-Man really is (Dr. Hank Pym, aka Giant Man and not so accidental creator of Ultron… the dumb ass), Ant-Man is smart, witty, and can carry out some pretty unique mini-sized missions with thousands of little ant friends.

I give Ant-Man points for humor, good acting, and some fancy and unique special effects. Paul Rudd is very funny; T.I. and Michael Pena add to the funny factor; Michael Douglas was excellent (as always); and Evangeline Lilly (from The Hobbit movies and Lost) played a convincing future WASP (shit, spoiler alert…my bad). Where Ant-Man loses my vote is when it comes to the story. I try to not to get super hung up on the Marvel comic versus cinematic universe, but I just have to mention that the story was a bit off, specifically who and what Ant-Man is and can do. Giant Man skills or the addition of WASP in action may have made Ant-Man a little more engaging.

Overall, Ant-Man was a fun way to kill a few hours over the weekend. I give it 3 of 5 stars (good rating).

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