Listen To: ‘Comic Book ep.’ by Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities

Listen To: ‘Comic Book ep.’ by Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities

Adriana SaboFriday,10 July 2015

The first thing that compels you to click on a link for Comic Book epis the album’s cover art. It’s a creative, funny looking, colorful, comic book-like cover for the new album by Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities. The cover has everything: a giant octopus eating a car, the super hero’s legs sticking out of it and a burning city. Funny. Also, that is a reaction I had more than once while getting to know Comic Book ep. and Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities, so keep that in mind please, as you continue to read these lines.

The group is a five piece band from Boston: Paul Gaughran: guitar & yelling; Dan Smith: bass & more yelling; Dennis Bere: guitar & slightly less yelling, Jesse Stiglich: drums & fair amounts of yelling; Derek Tanch: keys & little to no yelling. Funny. Funny guys. Enjoy yelling, apparently. 

The band plays music that can be described generally as rock, pop, prog. rock, power-pop. Add a lot of indie, a bit of punk and a splash of emo to the mix and you get Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities (why the name, by the way?). Funny, in any case. Yes, their music is precisely and greatly described with these words, with one slightly baffling aspect being the prog. rock, which can be detected in traces, mostly as a distant inspirations in the guitar riffs and some unconventional harmonies. But the beat is definitely pop/rock and the yelling/distorted guitar owe much to punk.

Comic Book ep. has five tracks: “My Date with Anna Marie was Emotionally and Physically Exhausting,” “Ever Since that Car Accident Steve Sure has Been Acting Strange,” “HANK PYM!!! (why you gotta be so small?),” “An Evening with Victor Fries After A Decade of Getting the Cold Shoulder,” “You’re my Mary Jane, not my Gwen Stacy (I won’t accidentally kill you).” Funny. And, even though they can also be described as only teeny-tiny childish, there is nothing childish about the music this band plays. Here is “You’re my Mary Jane, not my Gwen Stacy (I won’t accidentally kill you),” for your listening pleasure:

The album opens with an emotional song: a piano introduction, percussion, voice. And BAM! The guitar riffs jump in and the party can start. The energy on Comic Book ep. is amazing, all five tracks passing through sudden rhythmic changes, unexpected harmonies and all kinds of contrasts on all musical levels. The second track reveals the punks in Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities, with all that yelling being released from the depths of their throats. “HANK PYM!!!” is a real summer hit: energetic and fun, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. A similar emotion is experienced while listening to all five songs, with your mind being constantly busy discovering new layers of music, new connections.

One of the band’s main strengths is that they manage to keep the music together, while each individual gets to do his own thing. Comic Book ep. is layered, deep and it opens up your imagination. Not just funny. Amazing.

You can listen to the entire album below:

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