Watch: True Detective, Season 2, Episode 1

Watch: True Detective, Season 2, Episode 1

Leigh MichaelMonday,29 June 2015

On Sunday night, we were greeted by the long-awaited season two debut of True Detective. It didn’t take long for reviews to follow:

– “‘True Detective’ Season 2 Premiere Falls As Flat As A Circle” – HuffPost
– “True Detective Might Suck Now, And That Might Be Even More Fun” – Deadspin
– “Why This Weekend’s Real Must-See Series Is Not True Detective” – Adweek
– “True Detective season 2 isn’t a lost cause. Yet.” – Vox [optimism!!]

Fun times, fun times.

Okay, so a tiny sliver of me hoped that Colin Farrell would manage to morph into McConaughey’s Rust, and I was thinking that Rachel McAdams could be a fresh take on his counterpart, Hart. I wouldn’t want Vince Vaughan to take the place of Errol Childress  — the brilliantly creepy Glenn Fleshler gave us more than our fill of that character last season — but I had faith that he could fill a similarly dark, twisted role.

But of course that wasn’t going to happen. Show creator Nic Pizzolatto made it pretty clear from the get-go that each series henceforth of True Detective would be a standalone story. The second season trailer [below] confirmed that back in May. And while snaking freeways and skylines replaced the etherealness of the bayou, it looked promising.

I beg to differ from all of the distinctly lackluster reviews that season 2, episode 1 has gotten to date. This isn’t going to be True Detective as we knew it in season one — they’re effectively two entirely different shows. And yeah, I found myself confused by the intersecting story lines (Why is Kitsch leaving his cosy apartment to kill himself on his trusty motorbike? Are all of McAdams’ relatives so… interesting? Does Farrell only reserve his brass knuckles for use on 8th graders? So many questions.).

I was more intrigued than disappointed. It wasn’t a stop-in-your-tracks first episode, but what pilot ever is? I’m with Vox. True Detective isn’t a lost cause. We, as the audience, just need to finish grieving the loss of Rust and Hart and move on.

… But can this storyline somehow bring them back to the Bayou?

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