Has Jon Stewart Already Been Replaced?

Has Jon Stewart Already Been Replaced?

Matt HealeyWednesday,24 June 2015

When Jon Stuart took over the Daily Show from Craig Kilborn I doubt that many people expected he would become a cultural icon. He transformed the show and became the news source for a large segment of millennials. So obviously, when he announced he was leaving, there was significant interest on who would replace him. While the official handover has not yet happened, I am beginning to think that he already has been replaced — by John Oliver.

This is no disrespect to Trevor Noah, who I suspect will do a good job with the Daily Show. And in that sense he will replace Stewart, but the work that Oliver is doing on “Last Week Tonight” is truly inspired. It is the kind of parody reporting that Stewart was so good at. The monologues are funny and insightful. I have come to this conclusion after watching a few of them while waiting for a conference call. Specifically, FIFA, FIFA II, Chickens, and Net Neutrality. So while Trevor Noah may replace Stewart on the Daily Show, I suspect he will have a much tougher time replacing him in a larger sense, as that job has been filled by Oliver.

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