Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

Matt HealeyTuesday,23 June 2015

Two years ago I wrote an entire series of posts on my Appalachian Trail hiking adventure. There were posts like “Just Keep Moving,”’ “Trail Names,” and “Hike Your Own Hike.” I meet some awesome people, such as Squirrel, Bear Bait, Push-up, 22, Pressure D, Chopper, Stich, Catnap, Gilgamesh, Invictus, Sly Fox, and Moon Flower. I am sure I am missing some, but these are the ones that jump to top of mind so they must have left a positive impression. Overall is was a great hike.

The reason I am posting this is I was not able to get out at all last year, but I just got back from a weekend hike through a section of Pennsylvania that I had not done yet and discovered how much I miss the trail. We were there “in the bubble” – the time when the thru hikers were on the section we were hiking. So I got to interact with them again. Listened to the same stories and had similar conversations, but this time it was from Red Panda, Aussie Legs (a mother and 2 daughters), and Miles. I was able to fondly remember my time on the trail.

The other reason is that at the end of my long hike I mentioned that I would not do it again. That may not be true. I would love to get onto trail and thru hike it again. I do not know when I will be able to but, if the opportunity comes up I will take it.

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