Listen to: Lady Lamb, ‘Again’

Listen to: Lady Lamb, ‘Again’

Leigh MichaelThursday,18 June 2015

TSD’s favorite Maine musician is bowling audiences over again. This time, it’s with a second full-length album. Again (available on iTunes and Amazon) comes two years after Aly Spaltro-aka-Lady Lamb released her first album, Ripley Pine

Since that iconic first album, Spaltro has done a few things. She’s hit her mid-twenties, she’s dropped the “and the Beekeeper” from the tail-end of her stage name, and she’s made a vow to “make a conscious effort in this record to be more open; to make something that was more about myself and my life and my family and my fears and loves.” Mission accomplished. On all counts.

Spaltro wrote and recorded her first album in the basement of her employer’s movie rental store. After she closed shop, she’d head down there, arrange all of her instruments around her, and reach for whichever one felt most appealing in the moment. It was a practice in experimentation, and the result was one of the best albums in 2013.

Although After feels a little tighter than Ripley Pine, it still has that gorgeous exploratory quality to it. It feels like you’re on a ride, and neither you nor Spaltro entirely knows where it’s going to end up. It could have felt exhausting, but instead it feel refreshing and exciting, in that slow, molasses way.

This album is also a lot more surrealism. “Spat on Spit” [below] is a great example. The beginning is totally weird… But then it unfolds into this beautiful, rousing, self-questioning song. That’s how Spaltro seems to spend a lot of the album. She’s asking a lot of herself. And in a way, she manages to get the listener to ask those same questions of themselves. Brilliant mind-melding? Maybe. Or better yet, brilliant songwriting.

I’ve got a serious soft spot for this album. A few other great tracks on it are listed below, but you should really do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing. And repeat!

Vena Cava

Violet Clementine


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