I Love Dinosaurs

I Love Dinosaurs

Lauren PesinThursday,18 June 2015

For some people, there will never be a dinosaur sequel as beloved as the original ‘Jurassic Park.’ Be it reasons of science, originality, terrific cast, the plot, incredible CGI dinosaurs, or the death and destruction.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of ‘Jurassic Park.’ I thought the story and special effects were cool for the time (1993). I felt it had thrills and drama, but at the time I just wasn’t that into dinos. Therefore, it’s no surprise that I can hardly recall the other movies in the Jurassic series.

Now, ‘Jurassic World’ emerges breaking a global record, grossing more than $500-million in the opening weekend and ranking the best global opening of all time. In the U.S. ‘World’ ranks second behind ‘The Avengers’ (2012).

The ridiculous amount of money made and the ranking of ‘Jurassic World’ was likely impacted by a few factors, including the higher consumer cost of enhanced formats (namely 3D; now we know why every movie is now released with a 3D option); no opening competition; and the growing world market (namely millions of Chinese moviegoers; if China agrees to play your movie). Other factors likely stem from the current popularity of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘The Lego Movie’ star, Chris Pratt or perhaps our love of grandiose special effects and really big dinosaurs (everyone loves a T-Rex).

However unpopular I may be for saying this, ‘Jurassic World’ is my favorite of the series. Simply put, sometimes I don’t care about the plot so much, I just want to see action (crap blow up, stuff on fire, property destroyed, revenge exacted, or things, people, animals, or planets killed or destroyed). ‘Jurassic World’ definitely fits the bill on multiple fronts, mostly the killing, maiming, and destruction (think Michael Bay sans robots).

I went into this movie expecting only to see special effects and not to be emotionally impacted by the plot. Although the plot was lacking, there was still a plot.

Basically, more than 20 years after the tragic events of Jurassic Park, a resurrected theme park (Jurassic World) is open and drawing massive crowds. Things get crazy when the genetically engineered, humongous, killing dinosaur (Indominus-Rex) gets loose and starts eating people. There is no spoiler here, my 6-year-old knew what the plot would be prior to the opening credits. It’s that basic.

There was a lost love, family connections, the establishment of good versus evil and nature versus science. Although in the end there were more T-Rex sized holes and contradictions than sense. I was okay with that because of the real stars of the movie, the dinosaurs (big and small). They were awesome. They were gorgeously rendered and animated with impressive capabilities and character to boot. Some of the creatures were scary and some were kind. The dinosaurs drove the movie at full speed. Once it started, the action was almost constant. Good times.

So for me, the fourth time was a charm. On my from sucks (1 star) to awesome (5 star) scale, I rate ‘Jurassic World’ with 4 stars (really good). I reserve the right to hold back the 5th star unless I see evidence of a T-Rex fist bumping a raptor in a blooper or extended edition cut.

Although his review ultimately is different from mine, movie critic Erik Cain captured the reason why I probably liked ‘Jurassic World’ better than ‘Jurassic Park.’ The reason is ‘World’ is an action movie, whereas ‘Park’ was more of a sci-fi thriller. Choose accordingly and enjoy the movie.

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