Pick Your Targets

Pick Your Targets

Matt HealeyWednesday,17 June 2015

This Rachel A. Dolezal thing is kind of a disaster for a variety of reasons. It seems that every day there are more questions about her and more things that do not add up. The New York Times has another story about her suing Howard University for discriminating against her in part because she was white. The Daily Mail has a story about her plagiarizing a JMW Turner, who happens to be one of my favorite artists and whose works I go to see at the Tate in London when I have time, painting “The Slave Ship”. As an aside, the original Turner is at the MFA in Boston and is worth a visit. I am not sure what her interview on The Today Show is going to reveal as I am writing this post before it happens and I do not intend on updating it after the interview before it posts. I am sure that by the time this post goes live there will be other revelations.

So with all of the problems, it is my belief that the public shaming and attacks on her need to stop. This is clearly a very disturbed person. It is different than something like the Ray Rice or Tiger Woods situations that garnered a similar amount of attention (those two jumped to top of mind because NFL mini-camps are starting and the US Open will start on Thursday. Apparently I play too much fantasy football and fantasy golf). The Tiger and Ray Rice situations were worse in my mind because they appeared to be normal people who did awful things. From what I have seen, and I am not a shrink, I suspect Rachel has some mental issues. More investigation into her sordid past is not going to help her or move us forward. I understand that by writing this and bringing up the past accusations I am contributing to the miles of column inches that have been written about her, but my goal is to point out that in some cases there is a real need for public shaming, like Ray or Tiger, and in some cases there is not, like this one.

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