It’s So Funny

It’s So Funny

Lauren PesinTuesday,16 June 2015

The movie “Spy” tells the story of a hard working, passionate, overweight, and awkward woman Susan Cooper (played by Melissa McCarthy). Although technically a CIA special agent, Cooper works a desk job supporting field agent Bradley Fine (played by Jude Law). Of course Cooper is in love with the handsome and graceful Fine. A series of events occur which results in Cooper being chosen (okay, volunteering) as a nobody to go undercover. You guessed it. McCarthy has to save the world from a nuke. The story may seem like the same story you’ve seen in dozens of spy movies. However, this spy movie is different.

The departure from the umpteen previous “broken arrow-esqe” movies is all due to the delightfully diverse cast (and maybe the writing).

I’ve been a fan of Melissa McCarthy since her Gilmore Girls days (2000-2007). To me, she just keeps getting funnier. Her stand-up comedic timing and flare shine bright on both the small and big screen. “Spy” is no different. She shines.

In addition to McCarthy, a great supporting cast took the movie from a funny level to absolutely hilarious. “Spy” was literally a laugh out loud, knee-slapping experience. The overwhelming majority of the audience shared the same reaction. During the movie, I was laughing so hard I was crying with fun. The laughter in the audience was infectious.

The stellar comedy cast includes: Jason Statham (who knew he was so funny??), Rose Bryne (great dynamic chemistry with Law and McCarthy), Jude Law (excellent and polished delivery of a super agent), Miranda Hart (plays Cooper’s BFF, her physical responses and delivery made you want to be friends with the story misfits), Peter Serafinowicz (hysterical as a horny and love struck Aldo), and Allison Janney (who played the CIA “boss”). Also, a humorous Michael McDonald appears briefly and provides awkward and embarrassing spy accessories (we all love the toys) to Susan, to include special spy hemorrhoid wipes and anti-fungal cream.

Regardless of whether you are a Melissa McCarthy fan, my suggestion is that you take a chance on this movie. If you have a sense of humor, if you like to laugh, or if you want to sit back and enjoy light-hearted and clever comedy, go see “Spy.” It’s really good and super funny.

Sometimes in life, people need a break. Sometimes people should take some time to simply laugh. “Spy” is that opportunity. I know I needed to laugh and boy did I.
I’m interested in anyone who has seen “Spy,” and doesn’t think it’s funny. I’m open to the feedback, but I have to admit I will judge the humorless.

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