Listen To: Muelkik

Listen To: Muelkik

Corey WilsonThursday,4 June 2015

Do you guys fucking like EPs of underground punk bands? Because I’ve got some fucking EPs for you to listen to. Muelkik’s music is loud, and rowdy, like you’d hope. Their birth, like the births of many great movements, was spurred by frustration—an emotion that echoes in the thrashy vocals of Mike Vongunten. And as the Ottawa music scene lies in stagnation, Muelkik jams on the waves of a grunge and punk revival.

The band started out like many others: a few buds who loved music got together and started jamming. But that’s the story of a hundred other bands; who hasn’t been in a band? I can barely transition from the E chord to the A (Doesn’t Remind Me of Anything rests at the limits of my skill), and I’ve been in plenty. Only the difference between your highschool band Silent Thunder, or Butt Fingers, or whatever, and Muelkik is that they got tired of sitting around jamming; they had the drive to get out there.

“I got frustrated with that,” said drummer Alex Gravelle. “I realized that people weren’t going to come to us. We’d have to put in the leg work ourselves.”

And it’s paid off. Muelkik has played shows across Ontario, as well as in Montreal, and Quebec City (you know, that weird part of Canada where they talk different).

Currently, the band is mixing their first (seven track) album. The album, unlike their EPs which were an aggregation of single songs, is unified—something that the band’s been looking forward to for some time.

“Talking to the other guys,” Guitarist Kyle Jordan said, “it’s something we’ve all wanted to do for a while.”

The album, entitled Muelkik, is thrashier, fuller, and features the newest band member—bassist Derek Looyen.

The recording process has been smooth for Muelkik. Likely due to their history, and the chemistry they’ve developed over the years they’ve played together, their first EP was written and recorded in only three months. That was a learning process, and one that’s helped usher along the composition of Muelkik.

“We really fucking pushed this one,” said Alex when asked how the album came together.

Though there isn’t an official release date for the album yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to it. Muelkik is scheduled for shows across the province this summer with bands like: ELE (Belleville), The Nailheads (Montreal), Piss Locusts (Peterborough), and Elementals (Ottawa). They’ll also be making stops in: Cornwall, New Castle, Oshawa, as well as some to-be-announced gigs in Quebec. Can’t make any of those show? No worries, they’ll be playing at Fest of Death in Cochrane, Ontario, as well as TRH Bar in Montreal on June 13th.

Finally, if you like their sound, and you plan on attending Amnesia Rockfest, then you should follow this link and vote for Muelkik so you can watch them rock the fuck out at Canada’s largest rock festival.

You can listen to Muelkik’s EP from July 2014 below:

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