Don’t AdBlock Me Bro

Don’t AdBlock Me Bro

Corey WilsonThursday,28 May 2015

Breaking news: the internet has imploded. You’re gonna have to dig up those old Girls Gone Wild VHS tapes in order to jack-it tonight. How could the once all-powerful, unbridled internet empire crumble? Were there too many porn websites? It was the porn, wasn’t it? No, unfortunately it was you, and it could’ve all been avoided. If you wouldn’t have used AdBlocker, you’d still be reading this article, and your—wait.

Yes, the internet is fine, and so is using AdBlock. I’m using it right now, though it doesn’t seem to be working—does anyone know how to stop the pornado on desktop? Anyway, I stumbled upon this video from a YouTuber after reading an article from CBC about the new AdBlock browser for Android phones.

At first I was angry—especially angry at the fact that she disabled the comment section. That’s like poking a bear in a cage and when it gets angry, you back away and laugh that it can’t get at you. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there isn’t an easy solution to this—though some experts say that you just need to have better ads.

YouTube is a particularly unfortunate case because their ads are the most annoying; I can ignore sidebar ads, but when my video stops in the middle to try and sell me thyroid medication, it becomes infinitely more annoying.

My mindset at first was, “Well, you know that YouTube doesn’t pay, and you’re doing it anyway. That’s your problem and I shouldn’t have to waste 30 seconds on my life for you.” And there are plenty of people out there who use Patreon, or other mediums to generate donations. Why don’t you just collect donations?

But then I realized how stupid that sounded. Very few people donate, and there’s no way to ensure a consistent revenue stream that way. And let’s face it, the quality of the content increases if they don’t have to sweat at McDonald’s all day first.

My next justification was “What if your video blows? I don’t want you getting ad revenue when you suck.”

And this is where I found my middle ground. As the CBC article mentions, there are websites that depend a great deal on ads to bring you free content, content that they now ask you to pay for to recoup that loss of revenue. That sucks. The solution is to simply disable AdBlock for the creators and publishers that you enjoy.

I’m a subscriber of 20 or more YouTube channels, and I pine for them to release a new video. Until the time of this article, I’d been stripping them—people who offer me free entertainment—of some extra money. They’re getting paid and I don’t have to spend a dime! I just have to watch a stupid Koodo commercial. (I fucking hate El Tabador. Fuck that guy).

So disable it when you can. Maybe not on your mom’s computer since an AdBlock browser is a great way to reduce the amount of viruses she accidentally downloads onto her computer. But as an intelligent internet user, you’re not putting yourself at risk, and you’re helping people out who’re giving you a service.

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