I Am Sick of John McCain

I Am Sick of John McCain

Matt HealeySaturday,23 May 2015

I really wish the news would find another member of the evangelical christian party of god to talk to when there is a possible international military conflict. Every time there is a discussion about possible military intervention they roll out good old reliable John McCain and he never fails to disappoint. He comes out swinging. This is a person who never met a war he couldn’t support. I am surprised that given the heated rhetoric over the South China Sea and the threats from the Chinese navy, he is not on the capitol steps calling for an invasion of China.

Granted he is not the only one who holds such positions, but he is the one that annoys me the most. One of the reasons for that is his history of time as a POW. I get it, what he went through was brutal, but he carries himself with a smugness that implies that his time in the POW camp makes him immune from criticism on his positions regarding the use of the military. Just because he was a POW doesn’t mean that we need to go to war with everyone on the planet. So can the press please move on from him? Maybe to Lindsy Grahm, he is just as much of a warmonger but he is less annoying. Maybe because I have not seen as much of him so it would be a fresh new kind of annoying.

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