Hold Onto Your Hats (The Last Throes Will Blow Them Away)

Hold Onto Your Hats (The Last Throes Will Blow Them Away)

Adriana SaboTuesday,19 May 2015

A whole lot of sound comes from the album Get Me Wrong by The Last Throes, as these boys play some amazing punk rock/noise rock/garage rock. These energetic punks describe their band with following words:

Two bananas walk into a bar. Astonished to see that the only other patron is a living breathing piece of shit, they shrug their shoulders and order drinks.
“Hey, have you fruits ever heard of a band called The Last Throes?” says the inebriated feces.
“Uhh…no, should I have?” a banana patronizingly replies.
The shit-faced steampile siezes the opportunity to explain. “They are a three-piece rock’n’roll band from NYC, well, two of them are from the city, the bassist lives up in the sticks somewhere. They’ve been around for a couple years and before that they were in a bunch of bands that nobody’s ever heard of.”
A banana sighs, the other takes a deep swill of booze.
“They’re stripped down, straight ahead, tight and full of sweet guitar licks, vocal melody hooks, and a no-bullshit attitude. They seem like great guys who just want to have a good time. You should check them out.”
The now-buzzed banana turns to the pretending-to-be-paying-attention banana and says “Do you believe that shit?”

What more is there to say? Well, The Last Throes are a three piece band — Neil (guitar, vocals), Liam (bass, vocals), Mark (drums, vocals) — and additionally, one of those groups that plays punk rock perfectly. Most songs on Get Me Wrong are under three minutes long, concise, with strong riffs and pure anger shining through the notes. The album starts energetically, with “Damaged Goods,” and the intense pressure on your ear drums continues throughout. “I’m Not Mad,” “Dee Dee Mao” and “Napalm” continue in the same manner, with blazing riffs and kick-ass beats. The tension keeps on as the rest of the album unfolds.

My personal favorite is “Bad Bodies,” which particularly stands out due to some creative treatment of “traditional” punk harmonies and the potential offered by the fact that all three members of the band sing as well as play. “One Less Asshole” follows, and brings a needed break, introducing a different, somewhat slower tempo that brings the album down from its previous heights. The title track, “Get Me Wrong,” is another song that really stands out from the rest, mostly due to rapid switches between short melodic and rhythmic pieces, which results in a funny feeling that you are being kicked around the room as you listen.

Get Me Wrong ends a bit abruptly — you are surprised, having expected more music — which is the same way it began. The band “appeared,” said what they had to say, and disappeared. In between, they played some excellent music that is technically perfect, well produced and well thought through. Get Me Wrong by The Last Throes is the work of real craftsmen, and you can listen to the album in its entirety below.

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