A Week of Badness

A Week of Badness

Lauren PesinTuesday,19 May 2015

Monday: Running out of gas and time before I had to be to work, I went to the gas station. They were out of gas. Making a 22-point turn to get out of the gas station parking lot due to a rude person in a minivan inappropriately parked, I accidentally drove over a curb. The curb damaged the undercarriage of my car (approximate cost for repair $560).

Tuesday: When I took my canine friend of almost 16 years to the vet, I was told she was in complete kidney failure, had a stroke, and had active, terminal brain cancer.

Wednesday: I lost my longtime friend and family member.

Thursday: I had a fight with my health insurance company that ultimately resulted in my missing a needed medical procedure. I was on hold multiple times in excess of 2 hours and 45 minutes, with no resolve.

Friday: While attempting to meet friends at a hot air balloon festival, I got extremely lost (thanks, GPS) and missed my friends. Once we arrived, we never saw balloons because they were canceled due to weather.

Saturday: My family and I made plans to meet friends to enjoy frozen yogurt on a hot day. Without our knowledge, the frozen yogurt place had closed. Then to top it all off, I got pulled over by the police.

The result of my encounter with law enforcement was as follows: Allegedly I’ve been driving on a suspended license for about…2 years. I was “verbally arrested” and released to my own custody. They kept insisting that if I got pulled over driving again, I’d be taken to jail.

Apparently, the fact that I paid the traffic ticket over 2 years ago never made its way back to the motor vehicle administration (even though they renewed my license the very day I paid the ticket). Yeah, the district court is using windows 3.1 on a commodore POS or something. Fail.

I was arrested — verbally. What does that mean and has anyone heard of it before? Is this a real thing? Were they just trying to scare me? Were they F-ing with me? All I knew is I paid the ticket and have been driving, pulled over multiple times, registered a car twice with that license and nobody ever told me I had a suspended license.

Sunday: I got into an argument with my husband, which may or may not have been perpetuated by my bad attitude, due to my week of badness.

I understand that aside from the loss of my dog, my other problems don’t seem like such a big deal. Things could’ve been worse – I could’ve lost my job, gotten hit or injured in a car accident, or missed a life-saving surgery. I could have no friends, no family, or no husband. I could’ve been arrested and booked for real, in a real prison with actual criminals.

I understand these are “first world problems.” Things have and could be a lot worse than my repeated disappointment and inconveniences of the week. I really do understand how fortunate I am, but I still find myself asking, “How many bad days can you have before the universe owes you a good one?”

Is the universe against me for some reason?

How long can this string of badness last?

Are we responsible for perpetuating our own bad luck?

What should I do? Cry, yell and get angry? Try to stay positive? How?

Is it me or has anyone else had weeks like this one?

Today — Monday #2 — I saw a rainbow, a big, beautiful, rainbow. What do you think that means?

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