This Week In Jackassery, Ep. 8

This Week In Jackassery, Ep. 8

Shane BarnhillThursday,14 May 2015

The eighth episode of the This Week In Jackassery podcast is now available, and it’s a fun one. Adrienne Boettinger and I once again play the game “Rad or Bad,” while covering Scott Walker’s mathematical ability (hint: Bad), Sweden’s “gay sailor” system of defending against Russian submarines (100% Rad), and also Rand Paul’s continued social media trolling of Hillary Clinton (yep, you guessed it: Bad). We also discuss some political jackassery, Facebook’s new Instant Articles, talk about what’s driving us to drink this week, and somehow manage to find proof that everything in the world doesn’t suck.

You can listen to the full episode of This Week In Jackassery above, but here are 4 quick takeaways from the show:

1. Facebook’s Instant Articles may look appealing to both major media organizations and small web publishers, but they’re likely a Trojan Horse.

2. Stephen Colbert is not only funny, but he’s a good human being.

3. If you’re too busy (or just too much of a douche) to break up with your significant other in person, you can choose from a handful of services to take care of it for you.

4. Coffee is good for you. I REPEAT: COFFEE IS GOOD FOR YOU.

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