Authors & Audio: Classically Rock’n’Roll!

Authors & Audio: Classically Rock’n’Roll!

Adriana SaboWednesday,13 May 2015

Rock’n’Roll. These words bring about an abundance of associations to basically every living person who has ever had some kind of experience with any kind of media. Their meaning is so layered that there is no way for one to describe what it actually is, since R’n’R is so many things. In other words, more than 60 years of use of these words resulted in an uncountable amount of bands playing it and an even bigger number of songs falling under the category of rock, which in turn means that this world knows so many crappy bands and crappy songs, created with the idea of making rock and roll.

The fact that rock was proclaimed dead more than once doesn’t seem to bother contemporary musicians who still insist on playing “the good old fashion rock’n’roll” — and many do it poorly, just as many did it poorly 40 years ago — which is why my heart warms up when I realize that this day in age, someone is actually doing this brilliantly. That, my friends is turning out to be something of a true alternative, subversive act, taking into account our present circumstances.

Thus, when someone describes their work with words such as “Rock n’ Roll, Blues Rock, Americana, Psychedelic, Midwest Rock,” I basically know what to expect. Except that — I must admit — I didn’t expect such high quality, true rock/blues rock/midwest rock/ that I heard playing form the speakers as I began listening to The Man With the Octopus Arms, the third studio album by Authors & Audio.

These four guys will truly enable you to enjoy the pure rock’n’roll music that can today mostly be heard from bands that used to be popular. Jack Cox (vocals, guitar), James Hill (guitar, mandolin, backing vocals), Tom Cox (drums, percussion, guitar, vocals), Charlie Shaw (guitar) and Joshua Marshall (bass guitar, banjo) play some exceptional music, with great energy and brilliant riffs. They are creative, their playing is technically fantastic, and they obviously work great together.

It’s also obvious from the 16 tracks on The Man With the Octopus Arms that these musicians are truly in love with the music they play. Speaking about their second album, Stale Magic, the songwriter, singer, and guitarist, Jack Cox, revealed: “One of the things I really like about this album is it’s kind of homemade, not in terms of quality, but it was made by friends working and writing together.” This feeling of camaraderie and the deep bond between members of Authors & Audio is something that shines through in every song on The Man With the Octopus Arms, be it a fast, energetic rock, blues, an americana ballad or a song that leans heavily on psychedelic rock. The album is well thought out and even though the genre(s) they choose is “the good ol’…”, there is not a single moment on the album that will make you bored.

Authors & Audio is a true discovery (for us who haven’t heard of them before) and  The Man With the Octopus Arms is most definitely an album to be recommended to everyone.

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