This Week In Jackassery, Ep. 7

This Week In Jackassery, Ep. 7

Shane BarnhillThursday,30 April 2015

In the seventh episode of This Week In Jackassery, Adrienne Boettinger and I discuss the protests in Baltimore, The Clinton Foundation, Bud Light “missing the mark” with a joke about removing “No” from our vocabularies, giant penis drawings that are dotting the streets of Manchester, England, and more. We also play our band new game called “Rad or Bad,” for the second time.

You can listen to the full episode of This Week In Jackassery above, but here are 4 quick takeaways from the show:

1. The Clinton Foundation may be a real problem for Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

2. There’s a whole lot of Jackassery going down in Baltimore, especially within the media covering the protests.

3. Dr. Oz = Bad. Strippers at funerals = Bad. Breast milk ice cream = Rad.

4. Despite all the things that are driving us to drink this week, there is some good in the world, on both sides of the pond.

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