How About Some Amazing R’n’R?

How About Some Amazing R’n’R?

Adriana SaboTuesday,7 April 2015

Some things never go out of fashion and are labeled as timeless classics. Of course, if enough time passes, we forget those as well and replace them with other “timeless” classics. But still, at this point in the space-time continuum, we can safely say that the rock’n’roll music of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s is understood to have lasting value. And just like some people are addicted to new technology, buying everything new that appears on the market, some prefer to listen to vinyl or cassette tapes. They enjoy the natural, somewhat “dirty” crackling sound of the good ol’ rock’n’roll in comparison to the sterile, perfectly clean, digital sound of the music that Beyoncé, Jay Z, Rihanna and whoever else today’s youngsters like to listen to.

Among the former, we find a duo The Two Ties who proudly declare: “We are big fans of rock music from the 50s, 60s and 70s and we also love old blues music. It’s the same taste in music that makes playing together so easy and intense at the same time.” They are two men from Berlin, Germany, making music in Copenhagen, Denmark. Making some real good rock’n’roll to be precise. And The Two Ties are Nils Menke (Guitar, Vocals) and Alexander Widmaier (Drums)

The Two Ties (let’s call them TTT — and I don’t mean “The Two Towers” — for convenience sake) issued an EP at the beginning of February titled Words In Mind. The title itself offers an interesting way of reading their music. You combine rock, blues and add a touch of meditative atmosphere and you get Words In Mind by TTT (again, that’s The Two Ties). And even though they obviously adore R’n’R music, they can’t seem to escape the strong tradition of experimentation that is something of a token of the cultures of Northern Europe.

TTT approached their role model with great interest and quite seriously, obviously studying the early rock n’ roll and hard rock at great length. The first thing you notice about their music is the fantastic riffs created by Menke. The second thing you notice is that, even though the music on Words In Mind really puts the rock in rock’n’roll, something is not quite right: they are not actually living in any of the long past decades in the good ol’ west, but in one of the most developed countries of northwestern Europe. What makes their music unique is the fact that there is no bass, which results in something of a hollow sound. There is a lot of reverb added to the five songs of Words in Mind that makes them sound as if they were recorded in a stone room that has absolutely no furniture in it. The effect is enhanced by the filtered voice of the singer whose words can’t always be distinguished.

So, what The Two Ties do is create a brilliant illusion of the music from the 50s, 60s and 70s, making you feel comfortable listening to them play. You don’t really feel as if you are hearing a retro sound. It sounds familiar and quite adapted to our time. The music of Words In Mind is absolutely fantastic and I truly hope they will keep up the good work!

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