Listen to: Heartless Bastards, “Gates Of Dawn”

Listen to: Heartless Bastards, “Gates Of Dawn”

Leigh MichaelMonday,6 April 2015

After a three-year hiatus, Heartless Bastards is back with a hint of their upcoming fifth album, Restless Ones. “Gates of Dawn” feels loyal to the gritty sound that make their first four albums stand out, a sound that has gathered them a small but mighty fan base.

Pitchfork, considering their “escape” from the limelight that the Black Keys and the Alabama Shakes fell into, postulated: “The Heartless Bastards never got tagged as the next saviors of rock’n’roll, although they certainly possess all the relevant traits: a strong grounding not in blues but in blues rock, a conservative aesthetic that nods to rock history but is never beholden to any one particular artist or scene, and most importantly a frontwoman with a commanding voice.”

You can give a listen to the official audio at the bottom of the post. Like what you hear? Restless Ones comes out in June. Keep an eye out for its pre-order availability!

Heartless Bastards is a collection of four musicians from The Buckeye State. They’ve been pigeon-holed as a garage band (Sidenote: If Washington was the home of grunge, is Ohio the home of garage band rock? See further proof here), but the title seems a little limiting. They definitely hang onto that diamond-in-the-rough sound, which you get at the tail end of “Gates of Dawn,” but they also offer a folksy, bluesy vibe that feels like it could rival the material Father John Misty unfurls.

This quartet got their start when Patrick Carney passed along their demo to a producer, and it wasn’t long after that they provided musical accompaniment to Coach Taylor, Tim Riggins, and “Texas Forever.”

Lead vocalist Erika Wennerstrom has this gorgeous, gravely voice that will instantly make you feel a little bit more badass by extension. “Only For You” exemplifies it (and has a truly cute music video to boot).

They haven’t released an album since 2012’s Arrow, which definitely deserves a listen — and then another, and then another — if you haven’t already. Heartless Bastards has mastered the art of uncomplicated. They’re fun to listen to, they’re easy to enjoy, and they’re the type of artist that you won’t really get sick of. I’d call it a magic formula.

But three years without new material kept us all on our toes! June will be a great month for music.

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