This Week In Jackassery, Ep. 5

This Week In Jackassery, Ep. 5

Shane BarnhillThursday,2 April 2015

In the fifth episode of This Week In Jackassery, Adrienne Boettinger and I discuss Indiana becoming the first state to sentence a woman to 20 years in prison for having a miscarriage, the new discriminatory “Religious Freedom” bill in Arkansas, livestreaming apps Meerkat and Periscope, Jay-Z’s re-launched music streaming service, Ted Cruz, and proof that everything in the world doesn’t suck.


You can listen to the full episode of This Week In Jackassery above, but here are 4 quick takeaways from the show:

1. Math fact #1: Indiana + Arkansas = Unbridled Jackassery.

2. Tidal, the newly re-launched music streaming service that is owned by Jay-Z and other high-profile artists, has 99 problems (and then some).

3. Math fact #2: Ted Cruz + ((Meerkat + Periscope)*(Tech Punditry)) = Oh my god someone get me a drink.

4. Despite all the things that are driving us to drink this week, there is some good in the world. In fact, we found three whole things in the entire world that don’t suck this week! Fire up This Week In Jackassery now, and then hit up TSD, Adrienne and me on Twitter with your comments. And after you listen, please consider sponsoring the next episode of the podcast! Buy your “ticket” to sponsor the next episode:

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