Concealed Miscarry Permit

Concealed Miscarry Permit

Adrienne BoettingerThursday,2 April 2015

Lately it feels like American society has devalued women to the point where the rights of everyone and everything around us cancel out any rights we thought we had. Corporations are obviously more important than women because they make money and are run by men. That’s why the Supreme Court ruled corporations are just like people and if their corporate religion says women need to constantly be barefoot and preggers, then hoo-doggies! No birth control for you, you she-devils!

For the latest and not greatest in oppressing women, we bring you Indiana! I know, I know; you probably thought it was going to be Alabama where if you’re a fetus you can get a free lawyer and if you’re a teen girl who’s pregnant and chooses to have an abortion, you can be dragged through the court system ‘til that baby is born. Oh yeah and if you’re poor and a post-fetus type human, you can’t get that lawyer that is supposed to be appointed for you because duh, the fetuses need all the lawyering money.

Anyway, back to Indiana, where Purvi Patel became the first woman in the country to be convicted and sentenced (for 30 years!) for having a miscarriage. Patel arrived in an Indiana hospital, bleeding heavily and doctors realized she had lost a pregnancy. Patel eventually confessed to having a miscarriage, being distraught enough to dispose of the fetus in a dumpster, and then coming to the hospital.

After surgery to remove the placenta, police interrogated Patel (without first reading her those pesky Miranda rights – oopsies!) and she was charged with murdering the fetus and child neglect for abandoning the baby. Still not sure how she can be guilty of both crimes as they’d seem to cancel each other out but it’s probably because my estrogen-riddled brain can’t comprehend the complexities of justice Indiana-style.

She was found guilty of child neglect because medical examiners used a widely discredited test — developed in the 17th Century — to determine if the fetus had taken a breath by floating its lungs in water; similar to the if-a-woman-floats-she-is- a-witch test, so burn her! For the feticide charge, prosecutors argued she probably used one of them illegal abortion drugs (despite the fact that a toxicologist found no signs of these drugs in Patel’s or the fetus’ body).

Women, beware! If you have a miscarriage (which sadly is fairly common) and live in a state where miscarriages must be reported to the authorities, forget just having to live through the hell of having a miscarriage which you’d think would be emotionally and physically punishing enough. You better hope you have a lawyer. Too bad you’re not a fetus in Alabama, ‘cuz then the taxpayers would pay for you to have one. But sadly you’re just a woman, so get back to making those babies (successfully) and let the men-folk make all the tough decisions about what’s legal and illegal when it comes to your life and health.

Excuse me while I go have a rage stroke.

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