Don’t Know What I Think

Don’t Know What I Think

Matt HealeyWednesday,1 April 2015

Yesterday I wrote a post about how Trevor Noah may have the worst job in the world. He is trying to follow Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. In the entire post, I did not explore if Trevor was qualified to do the job, if he had any skeletons in his closet, or even if he was funny. I will admit that my research into him was limited to the article I linked to in The New York Times. Which I skimmed while on a call I really didn’t want to be on. From that article I learned he was from South Africa, and not white. I also learned that he had tweeted something about being more afraid of American cops than South African cops. So I liked his position on the police.

Surprisingly I got a tweet from @AdriniBot (apparently I have at least 3 readers!) about Trevor’s tweets on Judaism, women and more. Since I had not seen them I had no reaction. Adrienne provided me with a link and I read the tweets. At this point I need to think about my reaction a bit more. I understand that there is a segment of the population that will react viscerally to that statement. “What is there to think about? This is clearly offensive and he should not have gotten the job.” I can understand that reaction, but I also can see the other side. For me that side is Trevor is a comedian and the nature of comedy is that someone will always be offended. I am generally more forgiving of comedians who offend than politicians or other public figures.

So I have to think more about this than I did on the SAE incident. To me that was pretty clear cut. This isn’t. But then when it comes to offensive, I often refer to the Republican Party as the “evangelical christian party of god”. I call god people’s “Imaginary friend.” I refuse to capitalize “christian” or “god”. Let’s not even mention “Carnival Cruz” or “Mittens Romney.” I had entire series called “What would Ari do” and “Why America is/isn’t fucked” which were at their best profanity laced. So, maybe I am not the best judge of what is and isn’t offensive.

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