Worst. Job. Ever.

Worst. Job. Ever.

Matt HealeyTuesday,31 March 2015

As the presidential run begins to heat up, what with Carnival Cruz having announced and Marco Rubio (Bonus points if you can come up with a snarkey name for him to go along with Mittens Romney and Carnival Cruz), planning to announce on the 13th of April, I think it is time to reaffirm my position on the job of President of the United States. Not how well Obama is doing or how well any of the other candidates would perform, but the actual job itself. I think it is one of the worst jobs out there. My reasoning for this is simple. Look at the before and after pictures of Obama and W. Any job that ages you like that has to be a pretty crappy job and until recently I assumed it was the worst job on the planet.

What changed my mind about it being the worst job on the planet was Monday’s announcement that Trevor Noah would be the new host of “The Daily Show.” It got me thinking that it has to be the worst job ever. Not being the host of “The Daily Show,” but being the host of “The Daily Show” who follows Jon Stewart. What flashed through my head was “how the hell do you follow Jon Stewart?” The guy was awesome. He raised the profile of the show to the point where it had become the source of news for the under 30 crowd. Granted it billed itself as a ‘fake news show,’ but the fact is that to get it, you had to know what was going on.

It was a shock when Stewart announced that he was leaving. The speculation about who would take over was fun to watch. I found the discussion about Stewart and Brian Williams switching jobs particularly amusing. Now the search is over, and the job has gone to Noah, who I think has the worst job in the world: following Jon Stewart.

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