Listen to: Laura Marling, ‘Short Movie’

Listen to: Laura Marling, ‘Short Movie’

Leigh MichaelTuesday,24 March 2015

Laura Marling is 25. And she’s debuting her fifth album on March 23.

You can pre-order Short Movies on iTunes or Amazon or give it a listen on NPR. The album’s teaser is below, too.

My introduction to Laura Marling was ashamedly recent. But thanks to the talented musical team behind Peaky Blinders and a very ingeniously placed “What He Wrote,” I thankfully got to know her music.

Laura Marling doesn’t have the soulful howl you get from the likes of Cary Ann Hearst, nor does it have the moody blues you get with ladies like Lorde or Lana Del Ray. She’s more of an orator. It feels like you’re getting a really beautiful reading from someone who just happens to have a great voice.

The British-born artist might be just shy of 2.5 decades, but she’s breathed a whole new life into the global folk scene (NME famously credited her for surging UK folk music sales by a whopping 20%). She’s accomplished a lot in her short career: In the past four years, she’s been nominated for the Brit Awards’ Best Female Solo Artist three times and won once. In a word (okay, four) — she’s the real deal.

Short Movie is a beautiful package of music. But the opening track, “Warrior,” doesn’t do it too much justice. “False Hope” is catchy tune that verges dangerously on a 2pm coffeeshop performance. “I Feel Your Love” is where things start to pick up… And you’ll also feel like 2015’s answer to Joni Mitchell entered the radio waves. “Strange” is an intense story that will keep you at the edge of your seat, and “Howl” will totally and agonizingly captivate you.

Listen to the album. It’s beautiful. And just don’t judge it by the first two songs.

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