We’re Here, We’re Queer… Hear us Roar!

We’re Here, We’re Queer… Hear us Roar!

Adriana SaboFriday,27 February 2015

One of the best things about split EPs/LPs is that you get to know two bands at once without having to listen to whole albums one at a time. You can compare what they are doing and then move on to listen to them separately. Or simply move on to the next split, in case you don’t like this one. Other than time saving, this practice proves to be excellent because your chances of discovering great new music increase considerably. So, all this meditation upon the commercial moves of the music industry was in order to say that this will be a review of not just one, but two excellent bands, whose music I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy during these past few days.

Not to beat around the bush anymore, here’s PWR BTTM and Jawbreaker Reunion’s split, titled Republican National Convention. Both bands play something that can be described as pop punk, my absolutely favorite genre among genres of all time. Why, you ask? Well, one of the reasons might be that it sounds so ridiculously impossible to be both pop and punk, yet it is so logical to use the term, when applied to certain music, with this album being a good example. But the main reason why these guys grabbed my attention is that the cover of their split looked so fantastically queer.

First three tracks on Republican National Convention were recorded by PWR BTTM, who define their music most generally as Weirdo Punk, but they also use words like rock, punk, queercore or glam. PWR BTTM are Ben, who usually plays the guitar and Oliver (he usually plays the drums). But they both sing. They also look sexy in high heels, heavy makeup and colorful wigs. So these two turned to the aesthetics of queer, trying to express themselves. And while listening to “Hold Yer Tongue,” “Sacramento” and “bcmbd,” you have that unique feeling of listening to music that is challenging the norms. Even though you hear the familiar sounds of distorted guitars and heavy rhythms, you get the feeling that there is nothing straight about this music. You feel free to be whatever you want and to hell with society and it’s hypocritical norms.

The Jawbreaker Reunion gives out a similar vibe, even though they don’t use the concept of drag to say what they have to say. Their music is a tiny bit more pop than PWR BTTM’s and I’m kinda sad to realize that I get this feeling due to the fact that a girl is singing the lyrics. So I wonder, quite mad at myself, will we ever stop associating women with pop, which is, in turn, associated with cheesiness?! Anyway, The Jawbreaker Reunion–Bella (vocals, rhythm guitar), Dre (vocals, drums), Lily (vocals, lead guitar), Thom (vocals, bassplay)–is great music. They sound highly professional and ass kicking and they also have a thing or two to say about the social norms. “The D,” “Adventure Time” and “Andrew in Drag” are filled with fantastic energy and these four youngsters will definitely make your day. And once you start making all the possible connections between the title Republican National Convention and the songs on the split, you will smile and love them even more.

Don’t believe me? Just listen to “Andrew in Drag” below.

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