Male Revues – In Case You Haven’t Been

Male Revues – In Case You Haven’t Been

Lauren PesinTuesday,17 February 2015

For the uninitiated, finding a female strip club anywhere in the USA (sans Utah) can be as easy as walking out of a grocery store in Pensacola and taking the first door on the left. Why then is it so damn hard (stop chuckling) to locate a dedicated male strip club? I couldn’t locate any within 3 states of my smart phone GPS’d fanny, let alone regular male revue events. Living in a major metro area, the closest place I found was a female strip joint with regular weekend male strip shows located almost 18 miles away, with the next closest being 33 miles and 66 miles away, respectively. A quick Google for female strip clubs within 18 miles revealed 34 hits.

Inspired by Valentine’s Day weekend, the opening of Shades of Grey, and the recently released Magic Mike XXL trailers, for our recent girls night out my friends and I decided to take a walk on the wild side and go to a male revue (insert Channing inspired sigh here).

Remarkably, as a former sailorette I’ve only been to male strip clubs twice before.

The first was in Hawaii. Dimmed lights, techno whatever playing as five “men” hip-pumped on stage dressed in silver sequined tanks and shiny spandex. Sorry, 115 pound elfin girl body types with no actual dance ability (which I believe is a requisite trait in an exotic dancer) equated to a failure in all respects.

The second was at a club in Panama City, FL, then billed as the largest nightclub in the U.S. Now sure, I was likely a “little” drunk (husband reads this…alcohol bad), young and free and very happy to be at the beach among friends and spring breakers. But the high production quality of the lights and sound complimented eight beautiful, glistening tan muscled Adonis’s as they danced and sang together in a boy band routine. All this synchronized with the removal of clothing to romantic and fun melodies that ended with the seduction of a few select ladies serenaded on stage with roses and pectoral flexing.

Fast forward to our recent girls night out.

This club was frequented by many who return nightly to admire the ladies, enjoy lap dances, and literally throw their money at women. In a smaller room, on a smaller stage and with a smaller audience a different scene unfolds. The lineup includes a young twenty something gymnastic dancer; multiple tattooed, oily beefcakes singing to rap sporting fake chains and whips; and a has-been who likely rocked twenty years earlier, but now is a softer balder fella who needs a friend to tell him 50 is just too old. Then there’s the audience: the BBW’s that make it rain; shy and lustful single ladies; the loud, old, embarrassed, and “I got dragged here” ladies. Regardless, dancing is fun, spirits lighten the mood, but in the end… it was awkward and a little uncomfortable.

The male revue I liked was not an in your face sweaty man bump and grind, but a grand production. However, female clubs that thrive are just that type of intimate setting. Why do men and women view naked people differently?

I would say it’s just me, but the fact that so few male clubs exist and so many women clubs succeed tells me I’m not the only one that feels this way. So, why do women go to male revues? What makes a male revue good? How are female clubs different? Why are they so popular and enduring?

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