Proof That Everything Doesn’t Suck

Proof That Everything Doesn’t Suck

Adrienne BoettingerThursday,12 February 2015

The media–even us humble little upstarts here at The Snap Download–love to tell the world how everything is the worst. We revel in tales of how low humanity can go whether we’re talking about school shootings, Congress, sexists, epidemics, dictators, Congress, bigots, terrorists, Congress, violent predators, asshats, rampant poverty, or even Congress. On an average day we read eleventy bazillion things that make us thing the world is doomed.

But, in spite of the inhumanity of humanity, there is still inexplicable good, kindness and love in the world. When you least expect it, where it seems least warranted — there it is. That’s why our brand spanking new podcast will end each episode with at least one story that makes us laugh, hope, smile or even just not want to bang our head repeatedly onto our desks until we mercifully lose consciousness.

In that spirit, and because our families were seriously recommending we talk to our therapists about upping our meds, here are some things we think prove all existence isn’t total garbage:

1. Shelter dogs in love. It’s only appropriate that our first story of how humanity isn’t doomed is about non-humans since dogs are way better than people. At a New Jersey rescue shelter, true love conquers all in the form of Roscoe and Clover. These rescued dogs have helped each other heal and recover from terrible situations. Most days, they can be found snuggling together on a damn heart-shaped pillow. If you can look at this video of them together and not melt, you are dead inside. Now we just need to find them a forever home where they can keep being adorably together.

2. Human trafficking and abuse survivor kicking ass. If like us, you ditched the Grammy’s to avoid Kanye’s latest shenanigans, you may have missed the story of Brooke Axtell. She is a performer and a writer who introduced Katy Perry. Axtell is also a survivor who was sold into sex slavery as a girl, abused as an adult woman and is now the Director of Communications for Allies Against Slavery. She is proof you can come back from the worst type of hell determined to help better the lives of as many people as you can, and succeed in doing so.

3. Kayla Mueller showing the type of courage her kidnappers could never dream of. It may seem strange to talk about Kayla Mueller as proof everything doesn’t suck when it was just confirmed that the young woman was killed while being held hostage by the self-proclaimed Islamic State. That is until you learn more about her. For while her death was most definitely tragic, her life was heroic. At home in Arizona, she volunteered at a women’s shelter and HIV/AIDS clinic. She later worked with humanitarian groups in India and Israel. She couldn’t stand by watching the atrocities taking place while Syria was falling apart so she began working with a group supporting Syrian refugees in Turkey. At the end, Mueller was concerned not for herself but for the sorrow her capture was causing her family and loved ones. If ISIS is an example of the worst of humanity, surely Mueller is an example of the best.

4. Strangers around the world helping Michigan women find justice. In 2009, Wayne County Prosecutors Office discovered an insane 11,000 never-tested rape kits in storage in Detroit. Six years later, most of the kits – but not all – have been tested; initial results point to the terrifyingly disturbing existence of 188 serial rapists. But in this era of tightening budgets, prosecutors don’t have enough money to go after the rapists. Enter the Michigan Women’s Foundation who has worked tirelessly with other groups to try to raise the funds. And it’s working; money has been coming in from around the globe helping to bring justice, albeit delayed, where it is most definitely needed. From poker clubs to Cheryl Sandberg, people are coming forward to help victims they have never met before and to help make safe a city they don’t even live in.

5. A “lost boy” reunited with his family. When Sgt. Peter Kuch was a young boy, he was torn from his family and forced to march across the desert with thousands of other “Lost Boys of Sudan.” Many died during the trek but Peter was among the lucky ones who became refugees in the United States. To thank the country he now calls home, Kuch joined the Army and has gone about living his life and raising his young son the best way he knew how. He hadn’t seen his family since that terrible time during the Sudanese Civil War but recently the Army gave him leave, and a friend paid for his plane ticket to travel back to Sudan to see his family. His mother was so happy she fainted and kept saying, “I knew all this time God would bring you back to me.”

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