As Deadly as Vipers

As Deadly as Vipers

Adriana SaboTuesday,10 February 2015

No, punk is not dead, ladies and gentlemen. It lives in the hearts of all of us, especially the teenage “us” and it pops out from time to time to play. My personal favourite “brand” of punk is that played by women since, let me tell you, being one is not all it’s made out to be in those tampon commercials (even though we do especially enjoy jumping around all smiling and happy, wearing white pants during our periods). This is why I was particularly happy to stumble upon The Deadly Vipers (aka Deadly Viper Assassination Squad), four smashing young women who aren’t afraid to let the punks in them out to play and smash. Deadly Vipers are Zoe Edwards (vocals), Kate Derringer (bass), Ava East (guitar) and Kerri Pearce (drums) and they are a true punk refreshment. And I mean really punk. These four really tap into “punk aesthetics,” playing some good music.

On their Bandcamp page, the band describes themselves as, “A bunch of degenerates smushed together to form a riotous concoction of psychedelia and punk that lingers in the depths of outer space. The Deadly Vipers carry their crusade through waves of thundering beats performed by a group of kick ass chicks who are intensely dedicated to the sound.”

So yes, boys and girls, “kick ass chicks” will be our key words for the day. The Deadly Vipers are based in Detroit and define their music as “psychedelic rock, punk, sludge.”

Now, what I enjoy most about these girls–and by no means do I want to underestimate what they do by referring to them as girls–is that their music will definitely revive your rebellious spirit, the one that might have fallen asleep (given up?) due to long working hours, your boss being an idiot and your bills piling up. The Deadly Vipers have indeed brought about the best of punk and they will remind you of what it’s like to actually show your anger. Their very freshly-issued album is titled Ouroboros and it contains ten kick ass tracks. I enjoyed listening to this album more than most lately and one of the reasons is that these chicks can play. Their music constantly brings X-ray Specs to mind. Edwards has the perfect vocal for punk and she’s matched with other women that have equally high musical skills. The result is–have I mentioned?–excellent.

For example, “Bleed” is one of the tracks I enjoyed the most. A real punk track that states, “I bleed for you, but I never died for you.” “Yada, yada,” another excellent song. It introduces great energy, with Edwards yelling and singing at the same time, and Derringer, East and Pearce making some serious music. The Deadly Vipers are surely deadly and seriously committed to what they do. Their music is aggressive, yes, but there is no screaming, no harsh noises, not too much distortion. These four chicks are level-headed, smart and they have an attitude that no one will change. No need for screaming or spitting. They make their point and by doing so, they make punks everywhere proud.

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