Listen/Watch: Alt-J Performs a Takeaway Show

Listen/Watch: Alt-J Performs a Takeaway Show

Leigh MichaelMonday,9 February 2015

Did you know that the voice behind Alt-J hasn’t been digitally rendered?

No? La Blogotheque has some proof.

This Parisian crew has released their latest Take Away Show, and this time it features the British quartet at the Chapelle des Beaux-Arts. Watch the magic unfold in seven delectable minutes at the bottom of the post.

I never really know what to type about Take Away Shows. The filmmakers do such a gorgeous job of making every shot feel like a snapshot from a fairy tale, so what commentary can I provide that will complement that? “It’s great!!” “Make sure you watch every delicious second in those seven minutes!” “Don’t you love how you can hear the murmur of onlookers’ voices in the background?” “Isn’t it cool that they hold onto that gritty ‘street’ feel while delivering exceptional sound quality? How do they do that?” “And how about that non-invasive and beautiful impromptu cafe concert?”

Okay, I bet you’re sick of me. I am too.

Anyway, Alt-J has caught my attention on TSD for a while now (first with “Fitzpleasure,” then with “Hunger of the Pine,” then with “Left Hand Free.”) I’m a super-fan right alongside the rest of the USA and Britain. But Joe Newman’s funky voice, their bold instrumentals, and the way they seem to know how to create a song that everyone loves seems to deserve that praise. Right?

This Takeaway Show really is a beaut. It’s relaxing, it’s low-key, and yet it has a weird way of pumping you up. Getting you excited for what lies just around the corner. And isn’t that really what all good music is about, after all?

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La Blogotheque, Image Credit: Flickr

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