Why Does The Government Want All Your Money?

Why Does The Government Want All Your Money?

Adrienne BoettingerThursday,5 February 2015

As a hardworking, real ‘Murican, you’re probably fed up with the feds taking all your money. We bet that just really frosts your cookies how those crazy, bleeding heart liberals are always taking your hard-earned dollars to give to some lazy good-for-nothing who doesn’t want to work for a living. This is a tale told many times over in political campaigns. First thing your new-and-improved candidate will do once he or she (who are we kidding? It’s gonna be “he”) takes office is he will slash taxes. Last month the first actions of a number of new Republican governors, like Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, were to issue or promise to issue massive tax cuts and repeals. These promises increase exponentially if your candidate is gunning for national office.

Their reasoning is simple-minded simple: you know how to spend your money better than the government. Never mind the fact that most people actually make terrible spending choices (how many beanie babies did you actually need in the 1990s and how much are you saving toward your retirement), it has got to be better than what BIG government will do with your money.

Seems to make sense but actually is total crap. Not the part where you waste your money on diet fads, fancy coffee, newer versions of phones, snuggies, etc. That’s true. The part where liberals who raise taxes are a bunch of freeloaders – that’s crap. It hit me when a friend described his euphoria at a state politician leaving office; how we should all be relieved since that politician was too big a fan of spending other people’s money by raising taxes for stupid purposes like cleaning up the waterways or funding mass transit. The whole dealio seemed a little cray cray to me considering this friend gets a pension and retirement funds courtesy of the government.

Taxes pay for stuff. Sure some of that stuff seems goofy, like a fighter jet the military doesn’t even want. But taxes also pay for highways, subways, police, fire and rescue, education, vaccines, healthcare, medical research and a whole bunch more. It would be fine to promise people they wouldn’t have to pay for those things if they didn’t actually use them and if we didn’t care about anyone but ourselves. But unless you’re living off the grid and making your own version of Netflix streaming starring squirrels and deer and never, ever need anything from anyone, you’re a damn hypocrite.

In a level of irony exceeding those dumbass examples Alanis Morissette used to sing about, the states that consistently pay less taxes–and where asshat politicians constantly try to slash taxes–are the ones that take the most federal assistance. The reason Lord Voldemort, aka Governor Rick Scott, can promise Florida voters he’ll gut their taxes is because he knows he can count on the feds to pony up, like with the $1.3 billion in federal spending Scott is counting on to treat poor and uninsured hospital patients.

It all comes down to how you see yourself and what you think of your fellow humans. If you see yourself as needing no one and relying on nothing but yourself, you are either a fool or full of crap. If you see yourself and your family as members of a community, citizens of a state and a country, then acknowledge that roads and police don’t grow on trees. We do better as a society when we help each other and think of each other’s needs rather than just thinking of our own.


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