If You Are An Idiot, You Should Have To Give Something Up

If You Are An Idiot, You Should Have To Give Something Up

Matt HealeyWednesday,4 February 2015

Apparently there is a controversy over whether parents should vaccinate their kids. The controversy is bubbling up in the news because the evangelical christian party of god presidential hopefuls Chris Christie and Rand Paul have both said that parents should have a choice in getting their kids vaccinated. Christie later backed off the statement and said that there is no question when it comes to measles.

It is easy to say that they are wrong, after all the science is pretty clear on the topic. Granted science has never been a strong subject for the evangelical christian party of god given their stance on global warming, evolution, and now vaccines. But I think the question is deeper than that and we should see if there is a way to allow people to choose not to vaccinate their kids.

The problem with having unvaccinated children is the potential for the spread of the disease.  So if we decide that parents should be allowed to skip the vaccinations, then controls need to be implemented to make sure that the public is protected. The unvaccinated kids should be banned from attending public schools, private schools should be allowed to not admit them, thus forcing the parents to home school their children. Further, places where children gather–like amusement parks, such as Disneyland–should have the right to refuse admission to unvaccinated children. The same goes for commercial airlines. It would be hard to enforce, but a starting point would be to print the rules on the back on the ticket. Something like “By using this ticket you attest that you have been vaccinated against all CDC recommended diseases,” or “Disney reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who has not received all of the recommended vaccines.” For the airlines kids could be added to the “no fly list” if they have not been vaccinated.  That may seem a little draconian, probably because it is. Still, if these selfish parents continue to put the public’s heath at risk, then the public has the right to fight back.

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