Well That Sucked

Well That Sucked

Matt HealeyTuesday,3 February 2015

This year’s Super Bowl sucked. Ok, well it sort of sucked. It was a good game from an excitement perspective as it came down to the last 30 seconds to decide the outcome. But it was a bad last 30 seconds. Here are the problems I had with the game.

The first was the ending. Granted I wanted the Seahawks to win because I am not sure that I support cheaters winning. And yes, Bellicheat is one of the worst cheaters in the game. Regardless, it still ended badly. Or more to the point, stupidly. Seattle had the ball on the New England 1 year line down by 4 points. They have one of the most dominate running backs in the game in Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch. It was 2nd down and they had 1 time out remaining. To me this is easy. The play call should have gone like this:

Russell Wilson “Lynch – which side do you want to run to?”
Lynch “Left” (because we know he would only give a 1 word answer)
Wilson to the rest of the offense “You heard him – Blast left side on 2”

And if it didn’t work on 2nd down, I would do the same thing on 3rd and 4th downs.

Instead Seattle decided to try to throw the ball into traffic and New England intercepted it to seal the win. In the history of bad play calls this one is in the top 1 overall.

The other reason the game sucked was the commercials. Generally I don’t like watching the ads, but this year I really hated them. At least in the past some of them were funny. This year they went all depressing. It was bad. It was so bad that I am going to quote a Bill Maher tweet:


And then this one:


I mean really. I never thought I would long for the days of the Budwiser frogs and a flatulent horse.

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