WATCH: The Best 2015 Super Bowl Ads

WATCH: The Best 2015 Super Bowl Ads

Leigh MichaelMonday,2 February 2015

We laughed, we cried, we sat at the edge of our seat, and (on occasion) we dozed off.

I’m talking about you, $4.5 million-for-thirty-seconds ad slots. Here’s the best of the best.

Most Powerful: NO MORE [watch below]
The first Super Bowl ad to address domestic violence was delivered simply. But its lack of bells and whistles made it all the more powerful. The camera brings us on a tour of a home disrupted – think glass broken, chairs on their side, frames off the wall. As the visual continues, we listen to a real recording of a 911 call ten years ago. A woman calls ordering pizza, and a quick-thinking dispatcher reads between the lines. Watch… And consider taking the pledge.

Most Likely to Make You Cry Tears of Joy: Budweiser
Bet no one saw that one coming!!

Most Badass: Clash of Clans
I don’t know when free apps started stealing the show, but it’s happened. Watching Liam Neeson take out his Taken persona on a tiny phone screen in a cafe might turn me into an iPhone gamer yet.

Most Inspring: Microsoft
Estella Pyfrom drives Estella’s Brilliant Bus to underprivileged communities throughout Florida. Her mobile learning center offers computer training, tutoring, GED prep, vocational information, and more. Braylon O’Neill was born without tibia and fibula bones. He’s able to walk, run, dance, and play sports thanks to his prosthetic legs. These are two stories highlighted in Microsoft’s Empowering campaign, and the result is, well…. I won’t be redundant.

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