Go Hawks!

Matt HealeySaturday,31 January 2015

It is that time again. We are approaching the Super Bowl. This year I will not be attending the game the way I did last year because it is in Arizona. Last year it was in New York, so I could drive to NY from Boston and stay with family, thus reducing the overall cost. I also didn’t make a drunk bet with a friend this year so I did not have to buy tickets. Because we all know that drunk bets always work out well.

Since I will not be attending the game, I figured I would do a post on who I want to win. This year I am rooting for Seattle over New England. I want the Hawks to win for a few reasons.

Marshawn Lynch. If you read my previous posts, you know that I love the approach that Lynch is taking with the media. He doesn’t trust them and doesn’t want to talk to them, but he has to or he will be fined by the NFL. So he is making a mockery of the entire proceedings.

Cheaters shouldn’t win. The second reason is that lying cheaters shouldn’t win. Ballgazi is real and New England has been cheating for years. There are statistics that show they have been and I linked to them a few days ago.

So based on that GO HAWKS!

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