Weed As A Pain Killer?

Weed As A Pain Killer?

Matt HealeyFriday,30 January 2015

A while back I had to have a tooth extracted and an implant inserted. This has been a long process but it is now coming to a close. As part of the process, the implant screw was inserted last Tuesday. Things were fine for a while and then the pain began. It got so bad that I had to go back to the dentist on Monday to see if everything was okay. It was, and the only issue was pain management. So the dentist prescribed high power ibuprofen and Percocet. Percocet is a narcotic-based pain killer that when taken in high doses, turns you into an insane right wing radio talk show host. What was interesting was that as an aside, my dentist mentioned that she does not yet prescribe pot for pain but she thinks it is the best solution.

So this brings me to a quandary. What would I do if I were prescribed weed for pain? Let me start by saying that I have never smoked weed or taken any other “illegal” drug. I am putting illegal in quotes because weed is now legal in a lot of places, but for most of my life it has not been legal. The main reason for this is not some puritanical motive on my part; it is just that my poison has always been booze, not drugs. Specifically, I have a problem smoking anything. I suspect this is because I grew up with bad asthma so doing anything that would reduce lung capacity was not a great idea. Given this, would it be a good idea to go with weed?

When it comes to medical services my general approach is less is better. You should do as little as possible to achieve the goal. So go for the least invasive surgery that you require, start with the simplest remedy with the fewest side effects first and then ramp up treatment. For example, when I have a headache, I tend to drink water first to see if it will stop the pain as a lot of my headaches are caused by dehydration. If that fails, I will move to coffee as the caffeine can help, and after that drug store pain killers, etc. So following that logic, I suspect that I would take the weed as it has fewer side effects than narcotic-based pain killers. The only stipulation would be that I would take an edible rather than smoking as I really don’t like inhaling smoke.

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