Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

Matt HealeyWednesday,28 January 2015

Things in New England seem to be getting worse and I am not talking about the weather. I am talking about Ballgazi. The more the evidence come to light, the more it looks like the New England Patriots have been doing something wrong and this was not a 1 game incident.

We should start with the press conference that Bellicheat gave where he tried to venture into the world of science to explain why the balls were underinflated. He failed. He went into explanation about the preparation of the footballs, rubbing them, etc. I was lost as I thought his explanation made no sense. Apparently others also thought it made no sense, including Bill Nye the Science guy. When these things happen, I tend to resort to what the numbers say. Using the Ideal Gas law:


P=Pressure in Pascals
V= Volume which is held constant in this equation
n=Moles of gas present
R=ideal gas constant
T=Temperature in Kelvin
This equation reduces to:


P1=Pressure of the “warm” football
T1= Temperature of the “warm” football
P2= Pressure of the “cold” football
T2= Temperature of the “cold” football

Let’s assume the football was inflated at room temperature 20 degrees C which converts to 293.15 Kelvin. Let’s also assume that the “warm” ball was at 12.5 PSI. This converts to 86,184.46 Pascal (1 PSI = 6,894.75 Pascals).

The temperature at game time was 51 deg F, which is a little more than 10 deg C or 283.15 Kelvin. So that gives us the following:

86184.46/293.15= P2/283.15

Solving for P2

P2=83,244.6 Pascals = 12.1 PSI

So the drop in temperature did not cause this unless the Pats decided to inflate the footballs in the sauna, and if they did that, then was the intent to cause the deflation?

But it does not end there. One of the reasons you deflate a football is that you get a better grip on it. So if the balls were deflated, then wouldn’t you also see that in the number of fumbles (you absolutely should go to this link and read the analysis)? Better grip would mean less fumbles. If you look back on the Pats history of fumbling you find a dramatic drop in the number of fumbles after 2006. What happened in 2007? That was the year the NFL changed the rule on who provides the footballs. Up to 2006, the home team provided all of the footballs. In 2006 the NFL, after being lobbied by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, changed the rule to allow each team to provide their own footballs. And what happened in the subsequent years? The Pats stopped fumbling while no other team did. Hmmmm. So what this proves to me is that the Pats have been violating the rules since 2007 and they finally got caught. This is not surprising as they were cheating before this (spygate). So, I think this needs a deeper investigation into the entire New England organization.

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