It Always Sucks Being Out Of Step With The Public

It Always Sucks Being Out Of Step With The Public

Matt HealeyMonday,19 January 2015

I was an idiot a few days ago. I left my Kindle on a plane. This is a big problem because I love my Kindle.

The simple answer is that I should just buy another one. Right? After all, Amazon still makes the Kindle and it can be easily replaced. But it turns out that it is not that simple. The fact is that Amazon has changed the models and gone with touch screens for all of the new Kindles. It seems that everyone loves the touch screen. Well almost everyone. I hate them on eReaders. The reason is I hate having to read through fingerprints. I find it distracting. Actually, I have been known to go to the level of trying to get a single grain of sand off of the screen because it annoyed me. So you can imagine what a sea of fingerprints would do to me. And I don’t want to hear how you can have a touch screen device and not touch the screen. Ya see, what Amazon did was eliminate the page turn buttons so you have to leave fingerprints on the screen to turn the page. Since I find it distracting, that would result in having to clean the screen after every page turn. Imagine how long it would take to read one of the Game of Thrones books having to clean the screen after every page turn. Then think of the number of trees that would be killed getting the tissue.

So now I am in a bad spot. I have all of my content on Amazon, and they do not make an eReader that I think will be acceptable. I think I can connect another eReader from another company to my Amazon account, but I now need to find an acceptable eReader. So here are the criteria:

1)      Must be a passive screen – that means no tables, etc. There are 2 reasons for this – the first is battery life. The batter life for a passive eReader is weeks, while the battery life for an active screen device is hours. The second is I want to be able to read outside in full sun. You can do that with a passive screen, but not with a backlight screen.

2)      It must NOT have a touchscreen – If this surprises you then you did not read the above paragraphs.

3)      NO Apple devices – That is simply on principle

4)      Screen size should be in the 6 inch range – I find for reading books that is the best solution

5)      It must either be a new device or have a replaceable battery. Used devices with built in batteries are a disaster because when the battery fails you cannot replace it.



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