Is It Too Soon To Evaluate The 2016 Evangelical Christian Party of God Candidates?

Is It Too Soon To Evaluate The 2016 Evangelical Christian Party of God Candidates?

Matt HealeyFriday,16 January 2015

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the field of 2016 presidential candidates from the evangelical christian party of god. A lot of this has been due to Romney’s announcement that he might run again. After all, third times the charm right? Regardless, I thought that I should weigh in on the possible candidates.

While it is tempting to try to figure out who would be the best candidate to inspire a long thoughtful debate about the future direction of the country, we all know that a long thoughtful debate is not possible. So with that I think we need to look for other qualities in our presidential candidates. Specifically, what matchup will provide the most entertainment? I am taking for granted that Hillary will be the nominee from the Democrat side. I am not sure if this is actually going to happen, but since there has been less talk about the Democrats, I have less to go on from that side of the aisle. Let’s look at the evangelical christian party of god.

Mitt Romney – I hope that he doesn’t get the nomination. The main reason for this is he has likely learned from his past mistakes and will not do things like have Clint Eastwood talk to an empty chair again. This will greatly reduce the comedic value of his campaign.

Chris Christie – He may seem like an obvious choice for comedic value but I suspect the comedic value of his campaign will be more of a flash in the pan. It will be hysterical for a very short time and then burn out. Given the one note nature of him “I’m an obnoxious bully” I suspect the late night shows will run out of material shortly after the NH primary.

Rand Paul – He is a serious contender from a comedic value perspective. His brand of libertarianism provides a lot of opportunity of both low end slapstick and deeper satire.

Scott Walker – Not sure there is anything much to talk about here. Not a fan.

Marco Rubio – While I do not know a lot about him, what I do know leads me to believe that he would be great from a comedic fodder perspective. Granted I am relying on a limited data set of experiences, 1, his awkward reaching for a bottle of water during the state of the union reply, but I am hoping for many more such awkward moments.

Jeb Bush – Not sure about him directly, but the prospect of a W/Bill surrogate war is enough to make salivate. If the press decided to cover that aspect, and does anyone doubt they would, it could provide hours of entertainment. Clearly if Hillary is not the nominee, his becomes much less interesting.

So in conclusion, I a pulling for Paul, Rubio or Bush to represent the evangelical christian party of god.

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