Reversing My Thoughts On Sullivan Wine

Reversing My Thoughts On Sullivan Wine

Matt HealeyWednesday,14 January 2015

A while back I wrote a post about a bad experience with Sullivan Wine. It was another in a long line of frustrations with customer service. But now I have to reverse that post.

When I first called Sullivan they admitted it was their fault but did not offer to do much to fix the problem. However, later that day, I got an email from one of the managers. They stepped up and fixed the problem. They shipped me the wine that I had ordered and told me that my mother, who they had erroneously shipped the original order to, could keep the bottles as a present from them. This is exactly what they should have done. They made a mistake, and they fixed it. So, while I was not impressed with the original response, I am now very impressed with them. It is very refreshing to see a company step up and do right by their customers. From a financial perspective they may have lost a few hundred dollars, but they now have a very happy customer who will continue to order wine from them. And I do drink a lot of wine.

But my positive impressions are not limited to the shipping. They also include the quality of the wine. I have always liked their wine. They make a very good Cabernet and a good Merlot. I am not as familiar with the whites as it is winter in NH and we drink more white in the summer. Regardless, after this incident, I am very happy with Sullivan and would recommend the wine club to anyone that can get direct win shipments.

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