Nous Sommes Tous Des Idiots

Nous Sommes Tous Des Idiots

Adrienne BoettingerWednesday,14 January 2015

The events that began with the horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris last week have got everyone thinking. Well, everyone except for Fox News.

Now, here at TSD we have never been fans of Fox “News” so it may seem easy to just dismiss the above as our opinion. But how else do you describe the actions of a media organization that interviews terrorism “expert,” Steven Emerson, and amplifies his idiotic views on the ultra-dangerous No-Go Islamic Zones that pepper Europe and have taken over the entire British city of Birmingham? Even Prime Minister David Cameron called Emerson out as an idiot and said that Emerson’s claims — especially considering he’s never actually been to Birmingham or the other sites he has deemed as hotbeds of Islamic evilness — caused the resident of 10 Downing Street to choke on his porridge.

You have only to visit Steven Emerson’s own website to realize what an idiot and complete douchebag he is. His pasty albino-like features are complimented by what looks to be a wig made out of Captain Kangaroo’s mustache. It is obvious from his site’s description of his expert musings on all things terrifyingly Muslim that Emerson sees extremist Muslims everywhere he looks and has decided the best way to deal with his hallucinations is to talk about them to the only people that will listen, namely, the brain trust over at Fox “News.”

Although Emerson was soundly called out by the British Prime Minister as well as gajillions of hilarious Twitter users and eventually apologized (though not to Muslims residing in Birmingham), Fox “News” won’t lose a beat. Because fear sells. Giving people an enemy on whom they can blame all their problems will win you huge, rabidly loyal audiences who will believe you no matter what dumbass thing you come up with next. The more time we spend with those who think exactly like us will make us more and more convinced that we’ve got it right; we become impervious to any factual evidence that disproves our thoughts on an issue.

The fact is Muslims are not inherently evil or cruel. The actions of a few madmen do not mean a damn thing about true believers of Islam. No Muslim needs to say, “Je Suis Charlie” to prove that he or she doesn’t agree with the brutal murders that terrorized Paris last week. That is idiotic. We don’t ask Christians to answer for every atrocity carried out in the name of Christianity. So why do we think we are justified in doing so when it comes to Islam.


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