2015: Albums to Get Excited About

2015: Albums to Get Excited About

Louise MacGregorMonday,12 January 2015

Well, that’s another year behind us, with all the amazing (The Correspondents’ debut album) and appalling (Redfoo’s “Literally I Can’t”) music firmly in another time and place. So, with 2015 off to an understated start, we need to focus on what’s coming- and what we should be excited about. Which albums should you be looking forward to in 2015?

5. New Order – TBA

I must admit, there was a small part of me that said “huh?” when I found out about this. There’s something so diamond-dust rare about a band that’s survived through the turbulent eighties (in which bands seemed to spring up and recede like so many rainstorms) and is still making music that people are excited about. They’ve hooked up with Mute, a record label that might be able to stomach the apparently vast costs of their production (which allegedly was a big part of the reason their old label, the legendary Factory Records, faced bankruptcy). New Order have managed to stay relevant – damned if I know how.

4. The Wombats – TBA

Look, The Wombats seem to land on either the “smart indie pop” side of music, or the “pretentious overwrought nonsense” side depending on who you speak to. Me, I see them as firmly the former, and I’m seriously excited about their new album. They’ve managed to vault the mass culling on British indie groups from the early noughties, and produced a second album (This Modern Glitch) that was a little more grown-up and a little more serious. If they can stick with that theme, their third effort might just be the true classic I’ve been waiting for from them.

3. Rae Morris – Unguarded

I interviewed Rae Morris way, way back when I first started writing about music, and have had a soft spot for her ever since. Softly spoken, the wild-haired singer/songwriter has found a way to combine the unleashed wildness of her seventies/eighties idols (like Kate Bush) with a modern edge than puts her amongst legions of young female artists breaking through into the mainstream with distinctly individual voices. This album could be something totally spectacular, and will prove once and for all if the British prodigy can push into our collective conciousness.

2. The Decemberists – What A Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

Everyone’s favourite Portland indie group (and there are plenty to choose from, trust me) are going to drop their latest album on 20th January, so we don’t have too long to wait. This is a band for whom quirk isn’t strived for or forced, but for whom it is inbuilt, with a tracklist covering  speeches by the President to videos you can get lost in. It’s their seventh LP, and promises to provide something different, and somewhat of a rebirth for the group – hopefully the kind that will attract a few new fans to their sterling track record.

1. The xx – TBA

Despite how amazing their second album Coexist was, The xx seem to have passed a lot of people by. It’s not that they’re disliked, necessarily – just that people have heard of them rather than heard them. I want that to change. They’re working on a third album that’s apparently due for release later this year, and all I want is a step up from their moody indie angst, preferably into the kind of thing that will prove that they’ve more than just misery music. Can they do it? I’m dying to find out.

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