Watch: Broadchurch, Season 2

Watch: Broadchurch, Season 2

Leigh MichaelFriday,9 January 2015

A collection of homes hovering over the sea, a close-knit community bound and divided by their secrets, and a ripping tragedy… On paper, the shell of Broadchruch sounds like it could fit into virtually any primetime slot on the television these days.

But it’s this peek at the everyday – and what happens when these ‘ordinary’ lives are shattered by something unimaginable – that’s made the BBC production stand above its peers.

Broadchurch debuted its 8-episode second season last Monday. You can catch it on the ITV player, or wait until its USA release later in 2015.

When the words “Broadchurch will return” flashed on the screen at the tail-end of last season’s finale, my first reaction was an emphatic “no no no no,” accompanied by a bewildered look at my fellow viewers. We were all on the same page. The first season was a tour de force. It also culminated in a very closed-book ending. No spoilers if you haven’t watched Season One yet (but if you’re one of these people, drop everything and run to your Netflix account now), but I found myself wondering where they were going to go from that bombshell of an ending.

But on they went. And I’m so glad that they did!

The Season Two premiere proves that good television really does exist. Although the series had an ostensibly tidy ending, Monday’s premiere proves that the writers left plenty of plot lines open for further exploration. It also comes down to the cast: David Tenant, who brilliantly portrays the burned-out albeit bloodhoundish detective Alec Hardy, and Olivia Colman, who tackles the earnest dc Ellie Miller, bring the screen to life with their offbeat comraderie.

This show is so far from a comedy. Yet it’s punctuated with these sparks of humor, so brief and subtle that you wonder if you’re just looking for some relief from the heavy subject matter. It’s this balance that makes Broadchurch a program that you look forward to watching, not one you loyally turn to with the knowledge that it will sink you into a quick bout of depression as it progresses.

I was floored by the Season Two premiere of Broadchurch, and I think you will be, too. And if you haven’t caught up already… Clear out your weekend. You have an 8-hour assignment ahead of you.

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