A New Day In America — There Is Hope

A New Day In America — There Is Hope

Matt HealeyThursday,8 January 2015

There is hope for the future. As one of the resident cynics here at the Snap Download, when I say there is hope for the future, we must be on to something. I say this because of a single line in an article in the NYT on Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl advertising. It was

“… wants to appeal to a younger generation of 20-something beer drinkers, a large portion of whom it said had never tasted a Budweiser.”

The fact that a large portion of 20 somethings have never tasted Bud is a good thing. Not because drinking is bad or evil, it clearly isn’t, but because I am interpreting this to mean that they are drinking better beer. Granted I have no proof of this, but since I want it to be true I am going to decide it is. After all do we really think that 20 somethings have stopped drinking?

So the millennial generation stepping up to better beer is a positive for the country. There is hope for America.

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