We Fucked Up So You Have To Fix It

We Fucked Up So You Have To Fix It

Matt HealeyMonday,5 January 2015

Last year I wrote a post about impotence rage. This is the rage you feel when you get screwed over by the system and there is nothing you can do about it. It is the anger that results from following the rules and still getting fucked. It is being pissed off at customer service that cannot help with a problem they created.

Well it is the New Year and apparently among the New Year’s resolutions, resolving to actually treat customers like people is not a popular one. At least not among the employees of Sullivan Winery.

So here is the situation. We are (soon to be were) members of their wine club so they ship us a selection every few months during the winter. We also recently moved and I wanted to update my address so they would ship the wine to our new address. Finally I wanted to order another 6 bottles of their wine, so on December 19th I called them to accomplish all of these tasks. I updated the address (Both billing, which was a New York address, and shipping, which was a work address), added another 2 bottles in the spring to our club membership and ordered 6 bottles of red. Later that day, specifically at 5:33 PM EST I got an email from them confirming the address change. That email was followed by a second email at 5:42 PM EST confirming the 6 bottle order. That confirmation said the wine would be shipped to the billing address, the same address that had been changed 9 minutes ago. Given the previous email I did not check the address. I assumed, based on the previous email, that it would be the updated New Hampshire address.

I was wrong. They shipped the 6 bottles to the previous billing address – In NY. So when I got an email from my mother thanking me for the great Christmas present – 6 bottles of red wine – I was a bit stunned. I reached out to Sullivan to see what they would do to fix the situation. They admitted that the problem was their fault and asked if the wine could be shipped from NY to NH. While this may seem reasonable it actually is not. Let’s think about this – what they just said was, “We fucked up but can your almost 75 year old mother fix it for us?” Hmmmm let me think about this – NO and FUCK YOU. So they came up with another solutions – I could reorder the wine and they would be so nice as to pick up the shipping. Let’s think about this solution – “We fucked up, so to solve this, you need spend another $500 on our product.” Hmmmm let me think this – NO and FUCK YOU.

It is stunning to me that a company can admit that they fucked up and still expect the customer to fix it for them. We fucked up so it is now your problem – and we are keeping your money.


After writing this I complained about Sullivan on Twitter. I used their handle to make sure they got the tweet. Shortly after that they emailed that they would be sending me a replacement shipment at no cost. That is what they should have done in the first place before I sent the tweet. At least they did the right thing after the negative publicity.


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